Jun 19, 2022
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Glory smears her face and ass with one cream


Singer Slava admitted how she maintains beauty.

The artist is always frank with the press and with fans. The singer frankly told how she takes care of herself in order to keep her face and body in shape.

A month ago, the performer of the hit “Loneliness” celebrated her 42nd birthday. The artist looks great, many will not give her the age that is indicated in the passport. However, according to Slava, she does not particularly bother with beauty procedures and even dyes her hair on her own.

I am not a fan of anti-aging procedures, so I do not go to the salon. In this regard, I am a “man” – I don’t like it when they touch me. I dye my hair for this reason myself. I don’t have a manicure or pedicure either. I do it myself. I have one cream with which I smear, excuse the expression, and my ass, and my eyes, and my legs … And I feel fine. Although I have a bunch of jars worth different houses. They give me birthday gifts… But I don’t use them. And from the ampoules I immediately become scared. I give them to the assistant, and she immediately takes them somewhere”, The star said in an interview, noting that sometimes she still decides on a Botox procedure.

Slava - photo from the archive -
Slava – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The artist also noted that she is loyal to her age. Moreover, getting older, he feels much more confident than in his youth. “Sometimes I look at my sides – they are still very beautiful. I actually think I look great. But prejudices appear in the head different. And for the rest…“.

After forty, Slava was able to accept and love herself, coped with many complexes. “For some, at this age, apathy begins. I used to consider myself an ugly duckling, but by the age of forty I realized that men really like me. It pleases me. I felt that I was desirable and interesting”, the singer shared her inner feeling with the portal.

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