Dec 31, 2020
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Gloomy Elizaveta The granddaughter of Alisa Freundlich, who was sick with coronavirus, was hospitalized in an infectious diseases hospital 05:25, 31.12.

05:25, 12/31/2020

The condition of the artist’s relative is assessed as consistently difficult.

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The fact that People’s Artist of the USSR Alisa Freundlich was hospitalized with coronavirus became known on December 28. The actress began to feel unwell in mid-December. After doctors diagnosed Alisa Brunovna with COVID-19, she was treated at home for a week. The actress got to the hospital due to a deterioration in her condition.

It is worth noting that initially the press reported that Freundlich was in intensive care and connected to a ventilator, since she had 80 percent of her lungs damaged. However, sources have denied this information. In addition, according to new data, 86-year-old Alisa Brunovna is not in intensive care, but in an ordinary ward. In addition, it is reported that the star of the film “Office Romance” is conscious and breathing on its own.

Alisa Freundlich with her daughter Barbara

Her 52-year-old daughter Varvara Vladimirovna was hospitalized with Alisa Freundlich – she was also diagnosed with COVID-19. Today it became known that the granddaughter of the legendary artist, Anna, also ended up in an infectious diseases hospital – she was also infected with a coronavirus infection. Doctors note that Anna’s condition raises concerns – it is assessed as serious, so far without improvement.

“First, Alisa Brunovna herself was hospitalized with her daughter, then they brought her granddaughter. All have one diagnosis – coronavirus infection. The condition is serious, but stable, without any dynamics, “- said in an interview with a KP correspondent a source close to the city health care system.

Alisa Freindlich in the film “Office Romance”

As the speaker said, Alisa Freundlich herself and her relatives behave approximately, observing all the instructions of the doctors, without requiring a special attitude corresponding to the star status. The only thing Alisa Brunovna complains about is that she has no opportunity to smoke. However, the artist strictly adheres to the regime of the medical institution.

Note that last Tuesday, December 29, Alisa Freundlich’s granddaughter Anna Tarasova said in her microblog on Instagram that she was very upset that her closest relatives were in the hospital. She complained that due to illness, the star family would not be able to traditionally celebrate the New Year together. Despite this, Anna said that she believes in the best. The girl supported her publication of videos from films with the participation of her grandmother. The opportunity to celebrate the holiday together was presented to the relatives, however, unfortunately, in such a bleak way.

Alisa Freundlich with her great-granddaughter

“This year was special, very difficult for all of us in every sense. And, if even “yesterday” I thought that we would spend it, thank for everything that he taught us and what he tested, and we will celebrate the New, another year, now my dreams remain dreams. This is the first New Year when my family will meet it in a completely different reality. But even in such a difficult time, fate decreed that we were together. I, mom, grandmother Alice. The first New Year, when the daughter spends it together with her dad. Grandma Laura will take him to another hospital alone. My heart hurts, it breaks. But I know that everything will be fine. It will definitely be. Sonya needs a healthy mother, grandmother and great-grandmothers. We will soon be together, we will again hug and kiss until we go crazy. Laugh and play. Everything will be fine “, – wrote Anna (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged – Prim. line.).

Anna Tarasova with her husband and daughter

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