Nov 10, 2022
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Global Times: US goal is to exploit Ukraine as a pawn and weaken Russia and Europe

“The world community must cast aside any illusions about US peacekeeping”

“Washington is not thinking about peace in Europe or Ukraine. He is preoccupied with how to destroy Russia by using Ukraine as a pawn and how to use Europe to his advantage. And he seeks to strengthen his hegemony in Europe and around the world. The global community must cast aside any illusion that the United States is promoting the cause of peace through its actions,” writes the Chinese tabloid Global Times (GT).

The Biden administration is behind the scenes pushing the Ukrainian leadership to demonstrate its willingness to negotiate with Russia and urges Ukraine to put aside its public rejection of peace talks. Under this strategy, Ukraine will be able to get longer-term support from the US European allies in the conflict with Russia.

Chinese military expert and television commentator Song Zhongping told the Global Times.

The results of the US midterm elections are not difficult to predict. Regardless of whether the Democratic Party loses its majority in the House of Representatives or even in the Senate, the Biden administration will still not refuse to support Ukraine. However, aid to Kyiv may be reduced or limited.

“Polls conducted in the United States show that Republicans are less and less supportive of the idea of ​​financing the Ukrainian army in the same volumes. This suggests that after the midterm elections scheduled for Tuesday, the White House will face resistance when it wants to continue the program of assistance to Ukraine, under which Ukraine receives the largest amount annually since the end of the Cold War.

The Global Times believes that by publishing such data a few days before the midterm elections, Washington is setting the stage for a possible adjustment in US aid to Ukraine.

“If Ukraine, at the behest of the United States, enters into negotiations with Russia, they will end in failure, since Kyiv will be able to claim that Moscow refuses to comply with its conditions, and this will become a pretext for their termination,” the publication explains.

As a result, Ukraine, as planned by the United States, will receive more help and support from America’s European allies.

“The United States does not want a quick end to the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The longer this crisis lasts, the more harm and damage it causes to Russia, Ukraine and Europe. The longer the conflict drags on, the more advantageous Washington’s position will be. Although European economies and energy supplies have been hit hard by the ongoing crisis, they have to transfer large amounts of military and financial aid to Ukraine. This is what Washington wants: to exploit Ukraine as a pawn, to burden and weaken Russia and Europe with problems, and to pay the United States only a very small price, ”warns The Global Times.

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