Oct 13, 2020
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Glafira Tarkhanova touchingly congratulated her husband on his birthday by publishing a rare photo with him

15:36, 13.10.2020

Actor Alexei Faddeev is 43 years old.

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36-year-old Glafira Tarkhanova in her microblog on Instagram mainly shares work moments, rarely publishing photos of her family. However, today the actress made an exception. The fact is that Tarkhanova's husband celebrates his birthday. Actor Alexei Faddeev is 43 years old.

The artist's wife touchingly congratulated him in her microblog on Instagram, publishing a rare archive photo. "MY HUSBAND!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We are near !!! If you want to watch a movie with my husband - "SKIF", he will be pleased ", - shared Tarkhanova (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. - Prim. row.).

Glafira Tarkhanova touchingly congratulated her husband on his birthday

Alexey Fadeev and Glafira Tarkhanova met in 2005. The future spouses were brought together by work on the painting "Chronicles of Hell". Just three months after they met, Alexey proposed to Glafira. As you know, the star spouses are raising four sons: 12-year-old Korney, nine-year-old Yermolai, seven-year-old Gordey and three-year-old Nikifor. It is interesting that Glafira gave birth to two children at home. As the actress said in an interview with Vokrug TV, she took an example from her own mother.

“My mother also gave birth to two children, my brother and sister, at home. Therefore, our family had such an experience. Actually, the same mother's midwife, that is, a very proven person for me, took over from me. Of course, if you compare home and hospital births, there are pros and cons everywhere. In the hospital, when a woman is admitted, she is asked a bunch of questions. Although all the information is in the map, this is how it should be. And during the period of contractions, the last thing you want to tell is what, where and how. I understand that there is a conveyor belt of mothers in the maternity hospital, and there is no time to look for an approach to each. But I want a targeted approach and care, ”Tarkhanova said.

Glafira Tarkhanova and Alexey Faddeev

Recall that Glafira Tarkhanova is known as a theater and film actress. She began performing for the first time on stage in "Satyricon" in her first year at the institute, and a year later she performed her first major role in the production "Profitable Place". Today Glafira is the leading artist of the theater and refuses to participate in many cinematic projects for the sake of performances. However, great success came to the actress after the release of the serial drama The Thunders, in which she played one of the main roles.

We add that at the end of September it became known that Glafira Tarkhanova replaced Agatha Muceniece in the play "Reluctant Adventurers". I must say that in this production Agatha played along with her ex-husband Pavel Priluchny. As you know, the star couple divorced in June of this year, and since then, news about this couple has appeared in the media every now and then. So, Agatha complained that she had lost two roles at once in the projects in which she worked with Priluchny, including in "Reluctant Adventurers."

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