May 31, 2022
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Glafira Tarkhanova showed a photo with her husband, with whom she starred together for the first time in many years


TV series star, actress Glafira Tarkhanova shared a rare photo with Alexei Faddeev, the father of his four sons.

Glafira Tarkhanova usually hides loved ones from the public. The actress makes sure that the family does not fall into the camera lens. So far, the star of the series “The Ferry Girl” has managed to do it.

If Tarkhanova herself does not want to show her children, then she rarely shows a photo with her beloved because of his ban. Aleksey Faddeev is usually against the wife publishing their joint photos on the Web. But here the actress made an exception.

Glafira Tarkhanova shared her joy by posting a rare photo. The actress poses in uniform and smiles happily.

Glafira Tarkhanova and Alexey Faddeev
Glafira Tarkhanova and Alexey Faddeev

My main partner. We have completed the shooting of a joint project. With her husband in the same frame was not 17 years old. It was exciting, but we enjoyed it. Dear viewers, enjoy! We tried for you! How comfortable with you!“- the actress wrote in her social networks.

What a beautiful family you are”, “Take pictures together more often, please”, “How beautiful you are, please”, “Began to forget what your husband looks like”, – Tarkhanova’s family photos are discussed on the Web.

Fans really hope that now the actress will share pictures of her husband more often. Maybe Glafira will decide in the future to introduce her children, whom she still shows on the Web only from the back. By the way, she honestly admits that she manages to combine her career with motherhood only because she has an assistant who helps her with children. In addition, there is her mother, who is always in the wings.

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