Oct 3, 2021
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Glacial period: "gouge" Milokhin and Tarasova’s favorites

© Illustration by RIA Novosti. Ekaterina Chesnokova, Ramil Sitdikov, Alexander Wilf

Yesterday on the air of Channel One, to the delight of the entire male half of the population of Russia, as well as fans of extreme sports, wrestling and ultimate fights, a new season of “Ice Age” started.

This endless multi-hour ice show, broadcast on the highest rated Saturday time, is a rather entertaining action, during which professional skaters drag the unfortunate stars of Russian show business who do not know how to skate around the TV rink.

At the same time, this figure skating action also takes place in the format of a tournament: with the affixing of marks and public comments by the jury of the just seen skates of competing couples.

With the accompanying such showdowns emotional outbursts, insults, tears and silent curses from both the jury members and the participants in the competition.

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Publication from Channel One (@ 1tv)

freezing tiktokers

This time, already in the 8th season, Channel One decided to place not only TV presenters and actors, but also (to the delight of the older generation ) young tiktokers – Davout and Danya Milokhina.

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Author: Danya Milokhin (@danya_milokhin)

True, Dava (aka David Manukyan), having paired with Adelina Sotnikova, managed to injure his shoulder during training and rehearsals and eventually refused to participate in the project literally three days before its start.

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Author: Adelina Sotnikova (@ adelina_sotnikova14)

Thus, he protected himself not only from further physical torment, but also jokes about his ideal partner on the ice, Philip Kirkorov, and their joint figure skating number for the song “My only one”, which has not yet taken place (at least on television).

Adeline, the producers promised to urgently find a new partner. But it will be extremely difficult to do this in the shortest possible time, taking into account the necessary several weeks of joint preparation, so the Olympic champion will most likely spend the entire season as a member of the jury, in the sincere company of Tarasova.

Gouge with a grenade launcher

Another popular Ice Age ticker, Danya Milokhin, heroically held out until the start of the show (albeit more for the costume of his partner Evgenia Medvedeva), appeared in front of a huge Saturday TV audience in pretty good shape, that is, he stood on skates himself.

The debut performance of the Medvedev – Milokhin pair at the “Ice Age”, during which Tarasova was constantly shouting from the jury sector: “Zhenya! Zhenya! Welcome back, dear!” both.

Milokhin at some point simply could not keep the titled partner in support, trying to pile her on his shoulder, as Rambo once shouldered his grenade launcher.

After this incident, Tarasova immediately put Danya on the black list, but for the rental she still gave the guys 5.8 and 5.9, not forgetting to add that she was “very pleased to see Zhenya.”

Another member of the jury, Dmitry Khrustalev, who gave the guys exactly the same marks as Tarasova, generally called Milokhin “gouging”, specifying that this carelessness still needs concentration, otherwise its loss could again lead to serious mistakes.

In general, Medvedeva and Milokhin looked pretty fresh against the background of the rest of the classically matched pairs.

I felt that very young, ultra-fashionable and charismatic characters were performing in front of the audience, for whom, to get high marks, it was enough to just be themselves, without even thinking that they were performing in pairs.

This is unusual for the “Ice Age” experience of combining two, in every sense of the word, singles, who, in principle, do not need anyone to achieve success.

It will be all the more interesting to watch how Dania and Zhenya will continue to develop within the framework of this TV show.

And even a painful fall did not greatly spoil the impression of their sparkling performance. True, Danya looked a little confused the first seconds after him, in contrast to the fearless Zhenya, who did not stop smiling even when she beat her knees on the ice.

Dramatic interview

But the suffering of Milokhin and Medvedeva did not end there, since after the announcement of the jury’s verdict they were awaited by the traditional linguistic torture of the “Ice Age” – a mini-interview with Alina Zagitova.

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Author: Alina Zagitova (@azagitova)

Alina’s choice for the role of Ice Age TV presenter last season was not criticized only by the lazy. This is understandable: the Olympic champion never had such an experience and her speech, moreover, was not particularly distinguished by her fluency and clarity of diction.

Alina even somehow recklessly shared on “Evening Urgant” the details of her stage speech, in which she was remarked that she had “lazy lips”. It was really difficult to disagree with this, because while Alina was formulating her phrase on the air of Channel One, Trusova and Kostornaya managed to leave Eteri Tutberidze during this time, and then return to her back.

But the producers decided to continue this speech therapy experiment on TV viewers and again invited Zagitova to lead a new season of “Ice Age” together with Alexei Yagudin.

And in the very first issue of this year, Alina and her already well-trained speech muscles of the face immediately met a serious psychological test: opposite Zagitova was her eternal antagonist Evgenia Medvedeva, who also had to ask questions.

According to those who were present at that moment in the hall, Alina mixed up a couple of words and her other attempt, recorded from the second take, has already hit the air. But the TV cameras still could not hide the tension of Zagitova: Alina, asking questions to Milokhin and Medvedeva, clearly felt uncomfortable.

Danya, feeling Zagitova’s weakness, even somehow tried to be insolent, answering demonstratively in monosyllables, but Zhenya, on the contrary, tried to be more correct, keeping notes of constructiveness in this dramatic interview with her benevolent mood. For which she was rewarded with Alina’s caring phrase addressed to Milokhin: “Danya, you hold Zhenya!”, To which Evgenia, smiling, replied: “Thank you!”

At this moment, the wild tension that always forms when Zagitova and Medvedeva approach each other at a distance of less than 100 meters even began to dissipate a little, which, of course, will only benefit both figure skating superstars.

“Six zero”, I love you!

Of course, the debut performances of the participants in the first show of the season for them sometimes looked quite comical.

Often it was reminiscent of some kind of climbing, clinging, loading and unloading, volunteer clean-ups with dragging logs from one place to another and dancing the robot Fedor.

By the way, it was Fyodor Fedotov, paired with Tatiana Volosozhar, who opened the new season of Ice Age, performing quite adequately under Claude Debussy’s Moonlight. For their rental, the guys even received the highest rating 6.0, showing the fourth final result.

But not everyone was so lucky with the starting performances: Yanina Studilina, Nikita Presnyakov, Ivan Kolesnikov stumbled, and Danya Milokhin, unable to keep Evgenia Medvedev, added to the list of not the most technically perfect skates of the first Ice Age issue this year.

The main intrigue of the program was still the one to whom Tatyana Anatolyevna Tarasova herself would put “six zero” this time.

The Honored Coach of Russia turned out to be, as always, unpredictable.

Putting on a bright red fur coat on a TV show, she, like a redirecting traffic light, burned right in the center of the podium, behind which the jury was located, hinting that she would not miss a single mistake on the part of the competitors passing by her.

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Publication from Tatiana Tarasova (@tatarasova)

But for some reason, Tatyana Anatolyevna forgave Ivan Kolesnikov for the obvious mistake, putting 5.9 for technique, and Agatha Muceniece, who rolled without serious mistakes, slapped 5.6 for technique and offensive 5.5 for artistry, simultaneously making a remark to the upset actress about “dangling laces”.

Another bright brunette – Ksenia Borodina – from Tarasova also flew low 5.6 and 5.6 with the comment “I could have put 5.2 at all” and not the most spiritually uplifting phrase that the famous TV presenter “has no peace anywhere”.

If it suddenly seemed to you that Tarasova was somehow more supportive of the participants of the opposite sex, then it did not seem to you.

Coquettish Tatyana Anatolyevna gave the highest score 6.0 to actor Kirill Zaitsev, as well as 6.0 to another actor Gel Meskhi, apparently dreamingly and passionately responding to his emotional “I love you!” at the end of the speech.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the aforementioned favorites of Tarasova were in the top three: Gela Meskhi and Yana Khokhlova took third place, Daria Melnikova and Maxim Marinin ranked second, and Kirill Zaitsev and Oksana Domnina became the winners of the day.

Evgenia Medvedeva and Danya Milokhin took the preliminary eighth place, and at the very end of the Ice Age standings there was a “restless” couple Ksenia Borodina and Dmitry Soloviev.

And in order to get out of this unpleasant last place, the next time the guys also need to loudly shout on the ice phrases from the series “I love you!” center.

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