Jul 1, 2020
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Give Crimea or not? Live asked the most provocative question and gave an answer

Constantin Malofeev, the founder of Constantinople, answered a live broadcast of a question perhaps asked by the liberals - whose Crimea? On the air "Tsargrad.Glavnoe", he explained why, after the adoption of amendments to the Constitution, this loophole of unsystematic oppositionists who define "their own" - "alien" in this way can be forgotten.

The whole point is in the article introduced in the updated Constitution, which explicitly states: appeals and actions to alienate the territories of Russia are not allowed.

Malofeev notes that if such a rule existed during the Soviet era, then the Union would not have collapsed after the meeting of three politicians in Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

Now Russia will take into account the experience of past years - there will be no such trick in the new Constitution of the Russian Federation. And it's not just about the Kuril Islands or Crimea.

This amendment has serious political potential - "so that we do not have political figures, political forces who dare to talk about the rejection of certain lands of Russia's already greatly truncated".

Malofeev notes that, after the innovations in the Basic Law of the country, amendments to the administrative and criminal laws are likely to follow. And rightly so, he adds: discussing the alienation of Russian territories is unacceptable.

"Appeals when current politicians, using the media, say" we need to do this "- this is a direct appeal. And this is what the Constitution will prohibit," the founder of Constantinople stressed.

Photo: Tsargrad

Also, this innovation in the Constitution means that the sanctions that the West juggles will be simply meaningless.

"If we have this in the Constitution, they that seriously believe that this issue, put forward for a referendum on a Russian scale, can be resolved in favor of the need to separate Crimea from Russia and give Ukraine a quasi-state entity?" - skeptically remarked Malofeev.

In fact, citizens who do not recognize Crimea as Russian openly declare the need to bring it back under the control of Kiev - all this is a direct appeal that will run counter to the Constitution.

"The public disagreement that Crimea is Russia, of course, according to the Constitution, should be punished. If they are not allowed, then let us take legal measures, as it will not be allowed. Administrative, criminal or civil service conclusions must be made regarding such people , or an economic entity can be recognized as a foreign agent ... There can be a million options here. Now the legislator should think about it. And this is fine, because it removes this discourse from our political agenda, "he stressed.

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