Oct 21, 2021
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Gitanas Nauseda is going to reconcile Poland and the European Union

The President of Lithuania is confident that the conflict between Warsaw and Brussels will have “tragic consequences”

President of Poland Andrzej Duda arrived in Lithuania on an official visit to hold the first meeting of the Council of Presidents established in 2020. We discussed issues of security, defense and the Eastern Partnership project, as well as problems caused by illegal migration.

“Cooperation and friendly relations between Lithuania and Poland have been important in all periods of history, but they acquire particular importance in the current geopolitical context. We value Poland’s contribution to regional security. We feel that we have a reliable friend and ally next to us. Only together will we be strong enough to withstand the emerging threats in the current geopolitical situation, “

– quotes a speech Gitanasa Nausedi at the Council of Presidents press service of the President of Lithuania.

As for the crisis caused by illegal migration, Nauseda is sure: the crisis has revealed weaknesses in the current legislation of the European Union, therefore, it is urgent to adapt European laws to the new realities, without this, neither Poland nor Lithuania will be able to ensure the protection of the borders of the European Union, will not be able to stop the flow of abuses asylum system by illegal migrants.

“I will definitely raise these issues at the meeting of the European Council this Thursday. I thank Poland for its support and hope that we will continue to work together to achieve the necessary changes in European laws, ”

– said the President of Lithuania, stressing that some other EU countries agree to toughen European legislation in relation to migrants. Andrzej Duda supported the position of the Lithuanian president.

Another problem was discussed by the heads of the two neighboring countries – the conflict between Poland and the European Union.

Duda complained that when entering the European Union, Poles voted in a referendum to join the “Commonwealth of freely functioning states”… In fact, it turned out that the European Commission and the EU Court are constantly trying to interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign Poland, and in those cases that do not fall within the competence of the European Union.

Recall that the conflict between Brussels and Warsaw arose due to the fact that the Constitutional Court of Poland recognized the supremacy of the country’s Constitution over the laws of the European Union.

In the opinion of the Lithuanian President, this conflict may have serious consequences, which “Can become tragic”

“They will be tragic for us, tragic for Poland, tragic for the EU. And the only way to resolve the crisis is to find a compromise. Therefore, we must do everything, and I personally will do everything so that the European Commission and the Polish authorities do not move away from each other, but come closer in search of a compromise, ”

– solemnly promised Nauseda.

Indeed, the “diplomatic abilities” of Lithuanian politicians are known to everyone, usually such attempts at reconciliation between the parties end with the expulsion of the Lithuanian ambassadors from the “reconciled” countries and a quarrel for a long time. In this case, there is every chance that old Europe will think about how much it needs loud and intractable Young Europeans, who also have to be subsidized.

And at the end of the first meeting of the Council of Presidents, the parties unanimously called on the EU “As a sign of solidarity, adopt sanctions against Belarus in connection with illegal migration”… Frankly, it is highly doubtful that Lukashenka, who is not considered president in Lithuania and Poland, will defend the European borders – migrants go not to Belarus, but to Europe, and the problems of illegal migration are the problems of Europe. It was necessary to try very hard to aggravate these problems with a deliberate quarrel with their Belarusian neighbors, but Lithuania and Poland did their best to do this, making every effort to organize the White Maidan.

It was decided to hold the next meeting of the Council of Presidents in 2022.

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In the photo: Presidents of Poland Andrzej Duda and Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda, source – the press service of the President of Lithuania.

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