Aug 17, 2022
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Girlish virginity: easy to lose and impossible to recover?

Girlish virginity: easy to lose and impossible to recover?

Virginity is synonymous with the word “untouched”. In human physiology, it is expressed by the presence of a hymen in girls, which is located at the very entrance to the vagina (at a distance of 3-4 cm from the entrance). It consists of epithelial cells (skin) with small holes for the release of menstruation. This hymen is very elastic, so it does not interfere with the girl during various movements. Girls just don’t feel it.

The hymen does not carry any other physiological function, except that it is an indicator of the purity and integrity of the girl. An interesting fact is that only people have a hymen, and it is not observed in any other creatures on earth.

Many girls are interested in the question of whether it hurts to lose their virginity. Basically, the rupture of this hymen is fairly painless, with little bleeding. There may be slight discomfort after the loss of virginity, burning. The loss of virginity has more impact on the morale associated with this process.

Although there are some deviations from the norm, such as:

  • The hymen may be deeper than usual, and have too much extensibility, and therefore its rupture may not occur immediately after the first sexual intercourse;
  • The hymen may be tighter than usual, which sometimes causes more bleeding and increased pain.
  • In rare cases, the hymen may be completely absent from a woman.

At the first deviation from the norm, the sexual partner at the first act may get the impression that the girl is no longer “clean”, that he is not her first sexual partner. Even cases of pregnancy without rupture of the hymen have been registered. However, this will definitely happen during childbirth or abortion. Most often, such an anomaly occurs in athletes, especially cyclists.

The situation is more complicated if the girl’s hymen is denser than usual. Then there are difficulties during the first sexual intercourse. After all, an untouched girl is often at this moment also in nervous excitement, tense and frightened. It is not worth talking about her sexual arousal and the release of a special lubricant, as is the case with an adult woman. And the vagina itself is not so stretched. All these factors, combined together, create a certain discomfort, increasing pain during the loss of virginity. In very rare cases, young couples are forced to turn to doctors in order to carry out this operation with little loss. But most, of course, cope with this matter on their own.

How to lose your virginity so that it is the least painless? Some men do this first using their fingers. Carefully inserting a finger into the vagina, the man must make a sharp push to them, which breaks it. The use of foreign objects, such as: pencils, pens, knives and knitting needles – is unacceptable! Such cardinal methods can lead to trauma to the walls of the vagina, or even just to scratches, which can subsequently cause erosion. In addition, during the first sexual intercourse, you should also take care of lubricants (lubricants or creams). It’s great if a man is extremely gentle and attentive to his partner, tries to stretch the foreplay for a long time – as much as possible in order to bring the girl to the most important moment, the most prepared, excited.

It is desirable to stimulate the girl not only physically, but also to excite with words, soothe, caress the ear, pronouncing words of love. The loss of virginity is already a rather serious turning point in the life of a young woman. Therefore, you should not aggravate it with rudeness and humiliation. It is good if the environment around is filled with romance, beauty and convenience. Of course, not in the park on a bench or in the back seat of the “Zaporozhets” you should have sex with your beloved for the first time …

Sometimes the loss of virginity occurs due to some childhood illness or injury. There are also rapes. In such cases, virginity is restored right in the hospital for free. But some dishonest girls resort to a similar method in order to deceive their partner and, at the first sexual intercourse with him, create the impression that he is her first. So, how to restore virginity?

Usually this procedure is performed in medical institutions. The vagina is sutured with the help of special “threads” made from biological materials. They have the ability to later dissolve in the body, leaving no traces. Almost two weeks after “suturing”, a girl can have sexual contact in order to lose her virginity again in the eyes of her partner. We will not condemn them for deception – in life there are many different nuances that no one has the right to judge.

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