Jan 23, 2021
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Gigi Hadid declassified the name of her daughter

Supermodel Gigi Hadid has declassified the name of their daughter Zane Malik.

Gigi Hadid declassified the name of her daughter

In mid-September 2020, top model Gigi Hadid and her lover Zane Malik became parents for the first time. The astral couple had a daughter. All these times of fame kept the daughter’s name in secret.

The other day, Gigi Hadid made public the name of the baby, but she did it quietly – only the most devoted sighing could notice that. The model simply added a phrase to the description of her Instagram page – “Mama Hai (Khai)”.

On the web, it is assumed that the star of the world catwalks named the firstborn in honor of her grandmother from the side of the parent of Mohammed Hadid, whose name is Khairiya.

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