Aug 22, 2022
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Getting to know his parents

Getting to know his parents

No matter how long a guy and a girl meet, if their relationship develops successfully, one day there comes a moment when they want to introduce each other to their parents. This event is joyful, but also exciting – suddenly you don’t like people whose opinion is important for a loved one.

The first meeting with the parents of a young man is akin to such events as the first date or the first kiss – further relationships may depend on the impression made. Therefore, it is better not to worry, but how to prepare for the meeting in order to avoid some mistakes. So, girls, we are going to get acquainted with HIS parents.


meeting with his parents A smart girl, getting to know her boyfriend’s parents, will never impress them with her appearance. Too much makeup, too short a skirt, too many or too expensive jewelry can play against their owner, making an unfavorable impression on unfamiliar people. Let your appearance be as natural as possible, with an emphasis on natural data, and not on the tricks of a beauty salon. Choose from your wardrobe something a little conservative, no doubt, decorating you, but not frank. Give preference to light over dark, long over short. Carefully ask your loved one about his parents, their views, tastes, age.

Behavior and conversation

Let the main features of your behavior be goodwill and politeness, smiling and a desire to get to know each other better. Actively participate in the general conversation, but do not be talkative and do not try to quickly get together with new acquaintances. This is bad tone. If these people are spiritually close to you, friendship will arise by itself. Do not be smart, do not try to immediately impress everyone with a brilliant intellect and knowledge of many words with foreign endings. Try to find mutual friends. Living in a big city doesn’t always involve them, but if you find them, the relationship will immediately become warmer. Demonstrate serious views on life: if the future mother-in-law and daughter-in-law started a sly conversation about marriage, show that you have the most mature and adult opinion on this matter and that you will never take a rash step.

Useful little things

Are you offered alcohol to make friends or relax? It is better to politely refuse or take a glass of good wine and gradually draw it all evening, as the loss of control over oneself is fraught with god knows what unpleasant consequences. Be careful with your speech: even if strong words are part of your self-presentation, it is better to forget about them for a while.

If you are invited to visit the parents of a young man, where a small feast is planned in your honor, then you should not stay away from his preparation. Are you skilled with pots and pans? Prepare something to treat new friends. Afraid to take risks – buy some delicacy in the store. Undoubtedly, your attentiveness will be duly appreciated.

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