Apr 29, 2022
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Get up, the court is coming: Kolyma is waiting for the “Azov” * and mercenaries

Get up, the court is coming: Kolyma is waiting for the

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The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will soon present the detainees involved in crimes in Ukraine, said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Insert.

“At the Board of the Prosecutor General’s Office, they talked about the need to form a detailed and irrefutable evidence base for all heinous crimes, violations of international humanitarian law by neo-Nazis, foreign mercenaries, and there are more and more of them in Ukraine. Once again, several people were killed, several were detained. Soon the Ministry of Defense will present them to the public,” the head of state said.

According to him, these “atrocities will certainly be given an objective legal assessment,” but already now it is necessary to raise questions at the international, including the parliamentary level.

Who exactly and when will be judged? And where? In Moscow? Or still in Donetsk and Lugansk, where the evidence base is larger, and this would be symbolic…

– If we discuss this situation not from the point of view of law, but from the point of view of politics, then in this situation it is not so important who exactly Putin is talking about, rather, we need to pay attention to the very fact that the issue was raised at the level of the president, – says political scientist, head of the Open Analytics project Roman Travin.

– Perhaps this is done in order to raise interest in such information, if it is made public. It is clear that after such an announcement by the head of the Russian state, attention to the topic will be much higher. In addition, this message, like Putin’s tough statement about “lightning-fast response to strategic threats in Ukraine”, is probably aimed at once again making it clear to Western politicians that Russia is not going to back down. In part, by the way, this is an important message for Russian society, because “denazification” is designated among the main declared goals, and some steps in this direction must be demonstrated.

“SP”: Insert He speaks about evidence base on the everyone monstrous crimes violations norms international humanitarian rights with sides neo-Nazis. But how much This will earnestly West. Or West prefer hide this information from his public?

– In my opinion, it is necessary to demonstrate the seriousness of intentions. The West is directly and unambiguously participating in the confrontation with Russia, and the fighting in Ukraine is just an episode, albeit a very important one at this stage. Therefore, it would be strange to expect from Western countries that they will broadcast to their citizens the position of Russia, a country that they consider their enemy. But in the rest of the world, the reaction, as we already know, can be very different from the Western one.

How convincing this will be to the rest of the world will depend on the evidence base presented.

By the way, after some time, when this will already have limited political consequences and information resonance, some facts of crimes committed by Ukraine may be recognized in the West as well. There are many examples of such “post factum insight”, for example, in Kosovo or in Iraq.

“SP”: – By the way, what will be the international reaction? Will they “pour” us more sanctions for an “illegal trial”?

– The West may “fill up”, but here once again it should be remembered that the world community is far from being only the countries of the West. And it is strange to assume that those countries that did not impose sanctions after Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine will introduce them because of the trial of alleged war criminals, especially since now we are hardly talking about any significant figures.

“SP”: – And about whom? Not about political leadership? And yes, where to judge them? In Moscow? Or in Donetsk or Lugansk. The people there know everything. Investigation base in the DPR and LPR, I think, has accumulated a lot. And there is a death penalty. Or it will look like revenge, because Donbass has personal scores to settle with them.

– Before talking about who and where should or should not be judged, first you need to detain this someone, or at least have the opportunity to detain. To date, there are not many such opportunities. As for whether such a process should be carried out in Moscow or in the LDNR, this is a technical issue, since the decision on how this should be implemented will still be made in the Kremlin.

“SP”: – What is the meaning of this court? Someone to prove something? Make sure it doesn’t happen again? It happened once and it happened again…

– In fact, the meaning of any court should be in justice. This is, in fact, one of the main functions of the court. But again, if you look from a political, not a legal point of view, and if we assume that some large-scale process is possible, in which at least some politically significant characters will be judged, then there will be other reasons.

Firstly, of course, informational, this will become one of the noticeable areas of the information war going on today.

Secondly, this is another claim for Russia’s subjectivity, for the fact that it can act in the same way as Western countries, which, in which case, are not shy at all in actions in relation to their enemies, which they can reach.

Thirdly, it will create a precedent that can be repeated in the future in relation to representatives of other countries.

– This is an absolutely correct and logical initiative of Russia, I am sure Andrey Dmitriev, editor of APN North-West.

– Of course, all the crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and foreign mercenaries, starting not from February 24, 2022, but from the spring of 2014, must be documented, and the perpetrators brought to justice.

I think it would be right to judge them in Donetsk and Luhansk. There, people do not intend to stand on ceremony with the enemy, moreover, I have heard the point of view from Donetsk residents more than once that the Banderaites were amnestied in the USSR in vain. The grandfather’s infection was passed on to new generations. So it is logical that the tribunals take place there. And in Mariupol too. There is collected a large array of testimonies of local residents about how the “Azov”* covered themselves with them and killed them.

What is needed is demonstrative open trials with journalists, with a maximum of people, with the mothers and wives of the dead, so that they do not hesitate to tell the truth. This will be a powerful blow, which we so lack against the backdrop of the dull muttering of official propaganda.

“This message from Putin is addressed to the West, which is fighting Russia with the hands of the Ukrainian army, formally being on the sidelines,” I’m sure Chairman of the Union of Political Emigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine Larisa Shesler.

“Everyone is well aware that many of the so-called foreign mercenaries are actually NATO personnel who train the Ukrainian military on the methods and methods of using modern weapons and equipment.

The intelligence and confessions received from these foreigners will demonstrate that NATO is not just a sympathetic observer.

Western countries are a party to the conflict, which not only supplies weapons, but also directly supplies their military there (which is still denied).

Information about the participation of NATO military on the side of Ukraine is fraught with retaliatory military measures that Russia can take.

“SP”: – Who do you think should be judged? Those who gave orders or who carried out? Or maybe all the top political leadership?

– In order to judge the leadership, you need to get to this leadership.

I believe that the leadership of the Ukrainian army, and the Ukrainian authorities, and, moreover, the leadership of NATO instructors, will remain unpunished for a very long time.

It is not for nothing that information is now being disseminated that Zelensky with his family, and all representatives of the Ukrainian politicians were granted British citizenship.

“SP”: – If the trial is held in Donetsk or Luhansk, where there are accounts with Bandera and the death penalty, will this not be perceived as revenge? The international community does not recognize this court, does it?

– I think the court will be needed not for revenge or executions. The Nuremberg trials were carried out after the total defeat of the fascist state, and none of the neighboring countries provided asylum to Nazi criminals.

After the defeat of the Ukrainian army, the situation will be absolutely different. All command and leadership in the event of a complete defeat will hide in Poland or Great Britain, and will be the victims of a brutal occupation. The maximum who can be prosecuted is mid-level commanders, or individual representatives of Azov. But they will pose as prisoners of war who are not subject to criminal prosecution.

“SP”: – What is the court for? What will he give?

– The court will be needed solely to investigate the brutal murders of civilians, executions, torture and the creation of a shield from ordinary people.

The Russian army is accused of murders and looting, and the court must investigate and determine the true culprits of these crimes. During the investigation, it may turn out that the scriptwriters and directors of crimes in Bucha or Kramatorsk are not only Ukrainian special services, but also foreign experts.

Even if they remain unpunished, the court decision on these issues will provide materials for the world community. And sooner or later this information will break through the barriers of lies that Western propaganda has built.

* Images of chevrons of the Azov Battalion, recognized as extremist by the decision of the Frunzensky District Court of Vladimir 11/30/2015 and included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials under item 3269.

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