Oct 4, 2021
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Gestapo on a Jewish holiday

Against the background of a catastrophic drop in the birth rate, the crisis of the institution of the family and the media’s reflections on the economic crisis due to the aging of the population, the LDPR leader suddenly spoke like a hardened feminist, talking about women’s torment during pregnancy and childbirth. However, there is reason to believe that with this statement the indefatigable political clown was preparing the population for the announcement of the failure of the national project “Demography”, which was planned by the same people who created the demographic crisis of the 90s – HSE and colleagues. It was on their “recommendations” that Deputy Prime Minister Golikova and the company spent 4 trillion rubles and received a population decline of half a million in six months.

Against the background of the catastrophic situation with the birth rate, which became one of the topics of the meeting of the Parents’ Chamber, as part of the implementation of the Program “Demography. Ways to Overcome the Crisis “, which took place in Moscow on Wednesday, Vladimir Volfovich got out in the news with a statement that Russian families should not have more than one child. He also demanded not to force women to give birth to many children, since it is very difficult. “My political covenant: one child in the family! And not in every one! Having children is very difficult,” Zhirinovsky is quoted by Ren-TV. And he added that women “have been experiencing terrible torment” for 9 months, and demanded to stop pressure on women in matters of having children.

The editorial staff of RIA “Katyusha” is even afraid to imagine where Volfovich acquired such valuable knowledge – but most likely he just voiced the wet dreams of “our” liberal elite – to reduce the birth rate to a minimum, in order to populate “this country” with the population they need in 20 years there is no doubt about it. Someone, but citizen Zhirik, should know that since 1991 this replacement has been proceeding at an accelerated pace. During the collapse of the USSR, the population of the Russian Federation was 148.5 million people. In January 2018, even taking into account the return of Crimea home and the issuance of citizenship to the inhabitants of the LPNR, as well as millions of migrants and returning Russians, there were almost two million fewer people living in the country – 146.88 million people. By the beginning of 2020, 146.74 million remained alive, and by January 2021 – only 146.17 million.

Moreover, it was the last two years that the population decline returned to the days of developed Yeltsinism. In the past 2020, Rosstat recorded an anti-record: over the year, the population of Russia has decreased by more than 700,000 people. This is the worst indicator of natural attrition in recent years. Among the reasons, abortions also contributed, of which in 2020, according to the Hippocratic Forum, there were about 630 thousand abortions. For understanding, in 2019, 523 thousand abortions were performed in Russia – this figure was announced by the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Oleg Sagalai. At the same time, the government has worsened its forecast: by 2024, the number of Russians will decrease by another 1.7 million people (previously announced about 1.2 million people). But the reality is even worse – and not because of the covid. According to Rosstat, in the first half of 2021, the country’s population decreased by 421.9 thousand people. Natural population decline beats long-term records. In six months, 678.1 thousand children were born in the country, which is 2.9 thousand less than last year. The birth rate fell to 9.4 per 100 thousand of the population, the lowest rate since 2001. According to Rosstat data, in 24 Russian regions in June 2021, there were twice as many deaths as those born. The population decline is observed in 46 more regions, and only 13 – a slight increase in the number of births. As we understand, these are not regions of Central Russia.

Meanwhile, Zhirinovsky can be extremely pleased with those responsible for the implementation of the national project “Demography”, primarily the curator of the project – Tatiana Golikova. 4.7 trillion rubles have been allocated for the national project “Demography”. As of September 1, 2021, the cash execution for the year amounted to 81% or over 4 trillion rubles, this is the best indicator among national projects. But where did this money go if the birth rate continues to fall?

In order to understand this, it is enough to know the main developers of the scientific part of NP Demography. And there “all of them”. Constantly falling into scandals with the participation of pedagogues of pederasts, pedophiles and Russophobes, the “smithy” of the Sislibs for the government, the author of the introduction of the Unified State Exam and the exclusion of education from schools, the Higher School of Economics, aka HSE. There is also the RANEPA suspect last year in subversive actions against Russia, led by a friend of Chubais, Gref and Kudrin, and most importantly Yegor Gaidar – Vladimir Mau. The last among those who developed a concept to increase the birth rate in the country was the author of the concept of the most scandalous pension reform in 2018, the Institute named after I. Gaidar. It was these “wonderful people” who were instructed to come up with 4.7 trillion rubles for the day.

That is, exactly the same people who in the 90s staged a terrible demographic crisis in the country, which is called the “Russian Cross”, received money for the national project “Demography”. Most of all, this reminds the allocation of money to the employees of Auschwitz, the Gestapo for the organization of Jewish holidays. The effect, by the way, is exactly the same – no money, no holiday, no Jews (in this case, Russians). And who could they invite to “implement the project”? Of course, if we are talking about the Gestapo, then the SS militants, and if we are talking about the Gaidar Institute and the Higher School of Economics, then juveniles from NGOs who will do everything for “responsible parenting” so that families do not definitely dare to have children. In more detail, about how the hand washes the hand, and the government appoints people like Ms. Dukhanina responsible, we talked about in our last article.

However, let’s get back to the NP “Demography” itself. According to the recommendations of the named crowd of “wonderful people”, the key indicator of the total fertility rate (TFR) of 1.7 by 2030 against the current 1.5 was chosen as a benchmark. However, according to the fundamental laws of demography, an increase in the population is possible only if the TFR is above 2.1. When the coefficient is less than 1.8, according to the calculations of demographers, the population decline passes the “point of no return” and becomes irreversible. That is, no conspiracy theories and other things – the introduction of a coefficient of 1.7 into the national goal preserved the process of population extinction, relieving the supervising officials (Deputy Prime Minister Golikov, Ministry of Labor Kotyakov, etc.) from responsibility and made the task of stopping the extinction of the population obviously impracticable. After criticism in the scientific and parental communities and in the press, the TFR decided to remove the NP “Demography” from the updated project altogether, thus refusing to formulate the main and most important indicator of demographic revival (at least 2.15), having built a system of “provisional and developmental measures” “, which leads to only one thing -” effective spending of budgetary funds. ” No matter where – anyway, no one will bear any responsibility, and to whom, when the population is dying out and aging?

By the way, why we have such a “wonderful policy” and such politicians as Zhirinovsky, were very well told by the journalists of the American edition of Bloomberg and the Russian RIA Novosti. In short, the birth rate is falling all over the world, which leads not only to a decrease in the population, but also to its aging. The West, China, Japan, Russia are aging. Latin America, Southeast Asia and even Africa will soon join them. But already now, due to the increasing number of old people, in Britain and the United States there is not enough money for medicine and care. Also, old people do not work, and young people will have to spend more time caring for their parents, which will affect labor productivity. Business news agency Bloomberg, looking at the European and American situation, notes that the growing armies of the elderly are a growing challenge. For they do not just “drop out of social production” and no longer benefit the economy – they also reshape the economy itself. Having stopped working, they continue to remake the economy for themselves, simply because they a) live very long now and b) are not very healthy: “40% of Americans aged 85 and older suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Over 70% of those who are older 65, care will be needed at some point. The grim reality is that the more people live longer, the more they need constant care. ” To get a clearer picture of the scale of the problem, there were 6.5 million Americans age 85 and older in 2018, or about two percent of the population. But these are still flowers, because those who are now between 75 and 84 are about 15 million, or 4.5 percent of the population. That is, soon the number of US citizens with Alzheimer’s will double, and the army in need of constant care, respectively, will grow.

As a result, everyone agrees on one thing – in the next decade, the economy of the planet will face a severe economic storm due to the aging of the population. Russia is no exception. True, neither the Western nor the Russian media are giving a way out. They say, no matter how much these young people do not give, they still do not give birth. Sweden as an example. Bloomberg proposes an excellent way out – to introduce a new tax on “old people” so that the young will pay for the basic needs of the old. The tax will already be tested in Britain, while at a rate of 1.25% for each employee. But they admit that the more old people, the more taxes, poorer families, especially among those who are not rich anyway. But do not change the attitude towards the family and children in the family in society because of this! RIA Novosti also does not believe in an increase in the birth rate and simply offered to prepare for the next item of expenditure.

However, what else can they offer, if anything in the West, that in our country, the same people are engaged in raising the birth rate, who advocate abortion, propaganda of pederasty, rabid feminism and other “fashionable” isms? Nothing but a waste of state funds.

At the same time, there is always a way out, as it is today. Senator from the Belgorod region Yevgeny Savchenko spoke about how to return the birth rate in his program “Russian Renaissance”, traditionalists and our friends from “Forty Sorokov”, experts from parental organizations and of course RIA Katyusha spoke in their program. Having children in a family should become, among other things, prestigious. Only then all our creative “elite” and “popular” bloggers with rappers will have to be exported abroad by dump trucks. And the country’s leadership cannot yet afford this. Maybe this policy should be reconsidered?

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