Apr 8, 2021
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Germany wants to start preliminary negotiations with Russia on the purchase of “Sputnik V”

Germany is preparing to begin preliminary negotiations with Russia on the purchase of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine.

According to Reuters, the European Commission said that the EU does not plan to conclude a preliminary contract with the Russian Federation on possible vaccine supplies, as it did with drugs from other countries.

Following this, German Health Minister Jens Spahn announced that Berlin would begin preliminary discussions with Moscow on a bilateral agreement to secure supplies.

Germany intends to find out how much of the drug the Russian side will be able to provide and in what time frame. However, the final decision on the supply will be made only if the vaccine is approved by the European regulator.

In early March, the European Medicines Agency launched the Sputnik V examination procedure. It is expected that vaccine registration can be completed by the end of May.

Former EC head Jean-Claude Juncker believes that the European Union should purchase the Russian vaccine when it is tested.

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