Sep 17, 2020
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Germany soccer team scored 37 goals due to social distance

The German amateur football club "Holdenstedt" beat "Ripdorf / Molzen II" with a score of 37: 0, reports the portal Goal.

The reason for this score was social distancing. For example, it is known that the day before the match, the Holdenstedt players were in contact with an infected coronavirus, in connection with which Ripdorf asked to postpone the game to another day. In the meantime, this request was denied and the team therefore decided to take part in the match to avoid a large penalty.

The Ripdorf players took to the field, but defiantly did not make contact with opponents, thus maintaining social distance. As a result, the players of "Halldenstedt" managed to score 37 goals to the opponent.

As RBC reminds, this is not the largest score in the history of football. In 2002, in the championship of Madagascar, "Stud Olympic L'Emirne" ("SOE") lost to "Adema" with a score of 0: 149, as the goalkeeper of "SOE", in protest against the refereeing, instructed the players to score into their own goal throughout the match ... After that incident, four of the team's players were disqualified for the rest of the season.

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