Jan 20, 2022
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Germany launched an investigation against the heads of the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Economy

The Berlin prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation against the leadership of the German Soyuz-90 / Greens party in the case of illegal “coronavirus” payments, writes Der Spiegel.

It is clarified that we are talking about the head of the country’s Foreign Ministry, Annalen Burbock, and Vice Chancellor, Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habek. In addition, the defendants in the case are other members of the party – Rikarda Lang, Jamila Schaefer, Michael Kellner and Mark Urbach.

According to sources of the publication, the members of the board of the political association the year before last illegally received “coronavirus” payments in the amount of 1.5 thousand euros each.

It is noted that the investigation was launched based on complaints from individuals who, in turn, referred to media reports for 2021.

All defendants in the case, with the exception of Urbach, are members of the Bundestag and enjoy parliamentary immunity. The Berlin prosecutor’s office and the Green Party confirmed the investigation.

Earlier it became known that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will meet with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. Blinken will arrive in Berlin on 20 January.

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