Aug 18, 2022
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Germans shamefully launch Nord Stream 2 in autumn or winter

Trinity Bank Chief Economist Lukasz Kovanda believes that Germany will be forced to launch the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in order to correct the situation with gas reserves in the country.

“In the fall or winter, Germany will be in an even more difficult position, and it may have to go to the distribution of energy or the shameful launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline,” Kovanda said.

The Czech expert noted that due to the decrease in the water level in the rivers, Germany cannot deliver coal to power plants, which further affects the country’s energy security.

Kovanda also believes that the situation with rising electricity prices was exacerbated by the transition to green sources, which ultimately led to Germany’s dependence on Russian gas.

“Greens and environmentalists, including from the ranks of German politicians, are trying to blame the sharp rise in electricity prices on Vladimir Putin, or rather on his operation in Ukraine. In fact, this is, first of all, the result of the fatal failure of the energy policy they are promoting,” the economist believes.

In an article for the newspaper Der Spiegel, German journalist Nikolaus Blom asked the German authorities to launch the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, since refusing it does not benefit Berlin.

“Our goal is to stop buying Russian gas. If the rejection of Nord Stream 2 accelerated the complete cessation of imports of Russian raw materials. But it’s not like that,” he wrote.

According to the author, Germany will not get closer to its goal of completely phasing out gas from the Russian Federation if “one pipeline is closed, but at the same time we will ask for more fuel to be delivered through another pipe.” In addition, Blom noted that the resumption of gas supplies via Nord Stream 2 would reduce social tension in Germany.

At the same time, Candidate of Technical Sciences Alexander Vlasov believes that the German authorities will launch the gas pipeline because they were initially interested in it. He explained that Germany was interested in the construction and subsequent launch of Nord Stream 2, and it was a commercial project that had foreign observers and partners. According to the expert, energy sanctions against the Russian Federation and the abandonment of the gas pipeline have become a real pain for Germany.

The specialist believes that in the event that Berlin completely switches to supplies via Nord Stream 2, Germany will refuse part of the transit through the gas pipeline running through Ukrainian territory, and this option seems to Vlasov the most realistic.

As the expert noted, the Ukrainian authorities initially expressed fears that after the launch of Nord Stream 2, Europe would not need the GTS, so they demanded guarantees from Russia. According to the expert, due to the launch of the Russian gas pipeline, Germany will face a flurry of negativity for its unwillingness to support Kyiv and contribute to “Russian aggression.”

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