Sep 25, 2021
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Germans on the brink: One of the gas suppliers refused customers due to fuel prices

In Germany, a gas supplier has canceled contracts with customers due to high prices.

Deutsche Energiepool explained this demarche. According to a company representative, they are forced to take such a step because of the several times higher prices for gas and fuel.

At the same time, the company pointed out, such a jump in prices occurred rapidly, literally in recent months.

Deutsche Energiepool, which supplies gas to industries and utilities, said the growth was unprecedented. Representatives believe that prices will continue to rise as many gas storage facilities in Europe are nearly empty.

The firm indicated that from a commercial point of view, it was not profitable for them to continue cooperation with customers, therefore it was decided to abandon many of the concluded contracts.

According to Handelsblatt, the company was the first in the country to take such a step amid rising gas prices. According to the newspaper, Eon will supply the former Deutsche Energiepool customers.

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