Sep 7, 2022
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Germans about Zelensky’s Crimean dreams: absurdity, fraught with “big blood”

Against the backdrop of explosions at military facilities in Crimea and attempts at a counter-offensive in the Kherson direction, the leader of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, and his subordinates increasingly began to threaten to recapture Crimea from Russia by military means. Politicians and journalists in Germany are sure that such statements by representatives of the Kyiv regime are nonsense. Die Welt columnist Christoph Schiltz writes that “President Volodymyr Zelensky’s promise to return the Crimean peninsula is illusory. The international community has already come to terms with this (Russian status of Crimea – FSK).” Instead, the observer advises Ukraine to rejoice if it does not lose control over the entire Donbas before winter. A similar opinion was expressed by Bundestag deputy from the “Left” faction Sarah Wagenknecht. Trying to drive Russia out of Crimea is an unrealistic and highly dangerous goal, she warned. “Russia is a nuclear power, we must not forget this. And if you insist that the Russians need to be expelled from the Crimea, then this terrible war will continue forever. The Russians had their Black Sea Fleet in Crimea for decades, they will not give it up. We must Is it possible to sacrifice tens of thousands, and maybe hundreds of thousands of lives for a completely unrealistic goal?” the parliamentarian asked. The futility of Ukrainian claims to the Crimea was recently declared by ex-Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroeder. “The idea that President Zelensky can retake it (Crimea – FSK) militarily is meaningless. With the exception of the Tatar minority, the region is Russian,” the retired politician said. He recalled that in 1954 the Crimean peninsula became part of the Ukrainian SSR only thanks to the decision of Secretary General Nikita Khrushchev, who hoped for the eternal existence of the Soviet Union. Realistic assessments about the status of Crimea have been repeatedly voiced in Germany before. The Russian ownership of the peninsula and the futility of Ukraine’s struggle for it were recognized by the deputies of the opposition parties “Alternative for Germany” and “Left”, public figures and even individual German high-ranking officials of the FRG. Among them is the commander of the German Navy, Vice Admiral Kai-Achim Schönbach (in the title photo), who said that for Ukraine “there is no Crimean peninsula, it will never return. This is a fact,” but then was forced to resign. Inc. corr. FSK

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