Jun 3, 2022
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German IRIS-T in Ukraine will be controlled by NATO generals

German IRIS-T in Ukraine will be controlled by NATO generals

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Germany promised to supply Ukraine with its IRIS-T air defense systems. Information about this appeared in the media, and Russian experts commented on whether this weapon could be dangerous for the RF Armed Forces, which are conducting a “military special operation” on the territory of Ukraine, writes

The IRIS-T air defense system is a relatively new weapon, and Russian troops have not yet encountered it in a real battle. Experts believe that these air defense systems can be integrated with NATO air defense systems. And given that NATO AWACS aircraft are constantly circling in the sky, IRIS-T will be able to very effectively detect air targets.

According to Russian analysts, if the IRIS-T is transferred to Ukraine, then with a high degree of probability they will be controlled by the NATO military, since these air defense systems are fully automated.

Detecting IRIS-Ts is likely to be difficult, as they are likely to operate in a passive mode as well.

There is no information yet when Germany will transfer these air defense systems to Ukraine. There is information that Germany is ready to retire its IRIS-Ts and transfer them to the Armed Forces, but it is also reported that Ukraine will receive completely new IRIS-Ts when they are produced.

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