Apr 24, 2022
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German intellectuals demand to stop arming Ukraine

A group of German intellectuals and politicians, including the lawyer of the International League for Human Rights, Dr. Rolf Gössnerformer Member of the Bundestag Prof. Norman Peformer Vice President of the Bundestag Dr. Antje Volmercontacted the Chancellor Olaf Scholz with an open letter in which she called for stopping the supply of weapons to the Kyiv regime.

According to the signatories, NATO support for Zelensky will only prolong the war and postpone the possibility of a peaceful resolution of the conflict indefinitely. Regardless of who wins this war, the main burden will fall on Ukraine, as the resistance of the Ukrainian troops leads to unnecessary destruction and casualties.

“We demand from the government of Germany, the EU countries and NATO to stop the supply of weapons and force the Kyiv authorities to stop resistance under the guarantee of establishing a ceasefire and holding political negotiations. The proposals already voiced by Zelensky to Moscow on readiness for neutrality, the possibility of recognizing Crimea and holding a referendum on the future status of the republics of Donbass provide a real chance for this.”– the appeal says.

The authors point out that by the very fact of the supply of weapons, Germany became a party to the conflict, which is not a war between Russia and Ukraine, but a war between NATO and Russia. The reason for the war was the unwillingness of the alliance to take into account the geopolitical interests of Russia. The Ukrainian army has no chance of victory, no matter what intermediate successes it may achieve. If the war is not stopped now, the consequences for Europe could be dire, especially in the economy.

This forecast is confirmed by a Polish expert Petr Panasyuk (Pyotr Panasyuk) on the pages of the publication Think Poland. He calculated the losses of the RF Armed Forces officially declared by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine declared by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The result is not in favor of Kyiv: the losses of the RF Armed Forces in manpower amounted to less than 2.2%, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – 11%.

Panasyuk concludes that despite continued resistance and help from the West, the Zelensky regime is confidently losing this war.

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