Oct 16, 2020
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German fashion designer Philip Plein confessed his love to Olga Buzova in Russian

11:47, 10/16/2020

The TV presenter said that surprises await her fans thanks to her collaboration with the designer.

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Olga Buzova is trying to try herself in different areas: she is leading the television project "Dom-2", and sings, and acts as an actress. In addition, Buzova has her own book, she was engaged in the restaurant business, worked with her sister Anna Buzova on jewelry and developed her own clothing line. Yesterday Olga met a famous German fashion designer By Philip Plein, emphasizing that soon she and the designer will surprise fans.

“Finally we met! @philippplein. It was a pleasure to meet you Philip! I know for sure that you and I will still do something very cool and really big! Are you expecting surprises from us? " - signed the video with Philip Olga (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. - Prim. row.).

German fashion designer Philip Plein in Russian confessed his love to Olga Buzova

Philip was glad to meet Olga and did not even hesitate to confess his love to her in Russian: "I love Olya Buzova." In Stories, Olga told that she had presented Philip with the “To the Sound of Kisses” makeup palette, which Plein would give to his girlfriend - this is what the designer’s beloved asked to bring from Russia. It is worth noting that as a souvenir Buzova also gave her CD - the first album. Philip, in turn, presented her with a new scent of perfume released by his company.

Let's remind that Olga always vividly expresses her emotions from meeting new people, pleasant events and gifts. So, after her beloved David Mauknyan gave Olga a surprise, she once again posted a photo and video on her microblog on Instagram, how happy she was from what she saw. True, some of her fans did not like this reaction, and people thought that she was doing it too pretentiously.

Olga was indignant at such statements and answered the ill-wishers. So, she wrote that she is happy even with one ball and, in general, considers herself a happy person if she knows how to do it. She admitted that she experiences unforgettable emotions when she meets dawn and sees off the sunset, jumps when surprises are arranged for her. She advised all her fans to enjoy the little things that surround them.

Olga Buzova tries herself in many areas

We add that Olga has been dating her beloved David Manukyan for more than a year. The couple met on the set of Olga's video "Liker". David immediately noticed the star and began to look after her. However, Manukyan had little time, because Olga, a few weeks after meeting David, flew to Bali to shoot in the "Plan B" project, where Timur Batrutdinov was to look for Buzova's fiancé.

Despite the fact that Olga did take part in the project, David was able to win her heart, and Olya did not choose anyone in the show. For four months, the lovers hid their relationship and only before the New Year told that they were really dating. After that, they regularly published joint photos and videos on their Instagram microblogs. The lovers also spent the self-isolation regime together.

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