May 27, 2022
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German Chancellor Scholz urged to “expose Putin’s narrative” about the collective West

Due to the coming food crisis, it is necessary to “expose the narrative” of Vladimir Putin about the “collective West”. This statement was made by Olaf Scholz.

According to the German chancellor, the Russian president is trying to shift the responsibility for the expected food crisis in Ukraine to those who support Kyiv.

“He found the right wording for it. He always talks about us as the collective West,” Scholz said.

German Chancellor Scholz urged to

The German chancellor believes that in this way Putin means his enemies, against whom he wants to enter into an alliance with other countries.

As SM-News reported earlier, Olaf Scholz stated that it was impossible for the West and Ukraine to accept the peace imposed by the Russian Federation. According to him, the world community is now experiencing a “turning point”.

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