Feb 23, 2021
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German and Norwegian neo-Nazis train Ukrainian neo-Nazis

In the Bundestag, at the request of deputies from the Left Party, the government announced information about the links between right-wing radicals in Germany and Ukraine.

The government report of the German authorities indicates that such Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups as the Azov battalion *, the Tradition and Order movement and the Man-hating division (Misanthropic Division) have long been of interest to neo-Nazis from the United States and Europe. Now the situation is repeated during the wars of the 1990s in Yugoslavia, when German mercenaries from the far right went to fight for the Croats. Now they are fighting on the side of the Ukrainian army.

“Today they are attracted by Ukraine. Tomorrow it could be some other country ”, – says the deputy of the Left Party Martina Renner… According to her, the modern German followers of Hitler establish ties with their Ukrainian “colleagues” purely for practical reasons. In Ukraine, they can do what they are forbidden in Germany: in particular, use military weapons, participate in tactical training and combat.

German neo-Nazis have close ties with the National Corps party Andrey Biletsky… Together they are implementing the Kraftquelle (Source of Power) project. The official goal of the project is to find temporary housing for the Azov punishers during their holidays in Germany and Norway. In fact, Azov’s militants go to both of these European countries not for recreation, but for the “exchange of experience.”

Martina Renner calls on the German authorities to take this problem more seriously, so that the situation of the early 2000s does not repeat itself, when weapons brought by neo-Nazis from Yugoslavia were used to commit neo-Nazi crimes in Germany.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian neo-Nazis from “Azov” and special forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trained in Poland by a private military company European Security Academy (ESA)… The company’s headquarters are located in Wroclaw, the landfill is near Poznan. The staff is considerable – 1,500 people. ESA has been working with Kiev since 2015 and has been awarded a certificate of honor from the Azov management.

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