Sep 5, 2021
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Georgian President dissatisfied with government refusal from EU loan

Georgia also refused a gift to Latvia – 50 thousand doses of AstraZeneca

Criticism of the ruling party “Georgian Dream” for the refusal of the European loan was supported by the President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvilihowever, only three days after the event, from which neither the Western partners, who make new statements every day, nor the Georgian opposition can still recover from it.

“We understand that the weakening of European interest and assistance to our country and the region plays into the hands of only those internal or external forces that seek to cause destabilization or weakening of the country. Based on these circumstances, the declared refusal of EU assistance for the majority of the population and for me personally became a rather incomprehensible step – the argument about the need to reduce the debt does not stand up to criticism, ”

– said Zurabishvili during a speech at a briefing.

And although she admits that the government has the right to refuse loans, this refusal, and even against the background of the ruling party’s withdrawal from the Charles Michel Agreement, will certainly affect the rating of Georgia and “The sentiments of Western partners”… Well, then the country will face “economic isolationism”, the president warned – the desire of the “Western partners” to be favored cannot be denied.

However, the Georgian government is not going to surrender: the prime minister Irakli Garibashvili reminded the president that decisions on loans are made by the Cabinet.

“The Georgian government decides when to take out a loan and when it should not. It’s up to us to decide. I think the president does not have enough information. We will explain to her, provide her with information, what kind of debt in general we are talking about and how the government manages this process. I will instruct the administration to provide information, ”

– commented on the accusations of President Garibashvili.

In the meantime, “Western partners” are trying to understand what is happening, Georgia decided to refuse the gift of the Latvian government – 50 thousand doses of the British-Swedish company coronavirus vaccine AstraZeneca… This was announced by the head of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Georgia Amiran Gamkrelidze, sparking a new wave of criticism of the government.

The opposition called the refusal of Latvian assistance irresponsible, recalling that there is not enough vaccine for teachers.

However, Gamkrelidze explained that the vaccine AstraZeneca other EU countries were ready to transfer to Georgia, but this vaccine is not popular, the population refuses to vaccinate and, most likely, the “gift” would have to be disposed of at their own expense.

Currently, there are still about 20 thousand doses of this vaccine in Georgia, but there is no demand for it.

The head of the National Center of the Ministry of Health of Georgia asked the opposition not to politicize this refusal.

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