Feb 16, 2021
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Georgian opposition prepares for resistance

By stripping Melia of immunity, parliament gave rise to protests

The scandalous Georgian opposition journalist, one of the leaders of the largest opposition party, United National Movement (party Mikhail Saakashvili) Niku Melia deprived of parliamentary immunity. The parliament gave the prosecutor’s office the right to go to court regarding Melia’s arrest.

Formally, the leader of the UNM is considered a deputy, although he did not receive a mandate and renounced his parliamentary powers.

“Parliamentary immunity does not constitute an indulgence for exemption from criminal liability. The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia will already appeal to the Tbilisi City Court with a petition, and since this is a measure of restraint, the court must schedule a hearing in the near future, ”

– the representative of the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia explained to journalists Amiran Guluashvili to journalists.

However, according to him, Melia still has time to pay the bail and stay free.

We will remind, the journalist was detained after the riots on June 20, 2019, known as “Gavrilov’s night”, he is accused of “organizing and leading group violence.” Meanwhile, the politician on principle refuses to pay bail and demonstratively removed and threw away the electronic tracking bracelet.

The ruling Georgian Dream party understands that by the decision to lift the parliamentary immunity, the parliament gave the opposition a reason for another intensification of its protest actions, which have recently fizzled out. In addition, this event will once again unite the opposition, in which there are more and more disagreements – from this point of view, the decision of the parliament is not advisable, said the deputy chairman of the parliamentary faction “Georgian Dream” Beka Davituliani

“No one in this country is above the law and cannot stand, and engaging in politics does not mean indulgence while standing above the law and committing crimes. This is the position of the ruling party. If you ask me if this is correct from the point of view of political expediency, it is completely different, “

– Davituliani is sure.

Meanwhile, there is a really noticeable revival in the ranks of the opposition – they are already preparing for the fact that the police will come to detain Nika Melia and are preparing resistance in this case, according to the oppositionists – “serious resistance”.

One of the leaders of the United National Movement party told about the plans of opposition politicians Hall Udumashvili on the air of the opposition television channel “Palitranews”.

“There are plans, but I cannot speak about them in advance. I can say one thing, if the police come to us, they will have to overcome serious resistance. The matter is not so simple, and Georgian Dream knows it well, “

– said Udumashvili.

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