Feb 22, 2021
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Georgian opposition doesn’t like the candidacy of the prime minister

The settlement of the political confrontation is not yet visible

On Sunday, February 21, Georgia solemnly celebrated the centenary of the first Georgian Constitution, which was adopted on February 21, 1921. The drafting of the Constitution began in May 1918, after the adoption of the “Act on the Independence of Georgia”, and the Constitution lasted only 4 days: on February 25, 1921, the Red Army entered Tbilisi and soon the Constitution of the Soviet Union began to operate on the territory of Georgia.

Nevertheless, Georgia is convinced that the first Constitution became the legal basis for the current independence.

A solemn anniversary event was held in the parliament, within the framework of which the Museum of Georgian Parliamentarism was opened.

The United States Embassy in Tbilisi, congratulating Georgia on the centenary of the first Constitution, did not forget to remind everyone that it is time for everyone to unite around the core values ​​that were discussed in that first Georgian Constitution.

“Party leaders on all sides must take steps to de-escalate the current political crisis, work peacefully within democratic institutions, and keep Georgia on the path to Euro-Atlantic integration. On this day, you should be proud of everything that the Georgian people have created over the past 100 years. We urge you to use this opportunity to reaffirm your commitment to a better democracy on behalf of all your fellow citizens, ”

– recalled “overseas partners”.

However, Georgian politicians do not succeed “Take steps to de-escalate the political crisis”

Candidate for the Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvilispeaking from the rostrum of parliament on the occasion of the centenary of the first Georgian Constitution, he criticized the actions of the opposition, stating that even a hundred years later there are enemies of the Georgian statehood in the country who are fighting against the law and the Constitution.

“We see how the criminal force operates, they refused to recognize the election results, invented a myth about non-existent falsification, started sabotage, declared a boycott, because they could not shake our power, declared disobedience to law and justice. Today, like nine years ago, this force has gone beyond the constitutional field, “

– said Irakli Garibashvili, which caused an explosion of indignation in the ranks of the opposition, which has already declared the nomination of such a candidate for the post of prime minister a mistake of the ruling party.

“Nominating a person who hates opposition as a candidate for prime minister will only aggravate the situation. Now, as prime minister, we need a person to defuse the situation. Given the rhetoric of Mr. Garibashvili, it is difficult to imagine that he will be able to speak with the opposition and defuse the situation through political negotiations, “

– the leader of the Citizens party commented on Garibashvili’s speech Aleko Elisashvili

In the meantime, a solemn event was taking place in the parliament, opposition activists again held a meeting under its walls. The rally traditionally escalated into clashes with the police after the protesters were not allowed to pitch their tents in the square. Some of the most active representatives of the opposition camp spent Sunday evening at the police station.

Georgia has become an example of another post-Soviet state, where the “promotion of democracy” has brought completely inedible fruits to the residents of the country: their votes in the elections are ignored by the opposition forces, they are simply not satisfied with the result of the vote not in favor of the opposition, so they are ready to fuel a political crisis indefinitely. What’s demoral about that? Never mind! The losing minority makes conditions after conditions rather than accepting defeat and getting to work.

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