Jan 24, 2021
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Georgian authorities give opposition last chance

The opposition threatens to launch a new protest movement across the country in the spring

Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia Archil Talakvadze announced that opposition parties that entered parliament have only one more week to reconsider their decisions to blockade parliament.

“Taking into account the regulations, in about a week the parliament will discuss the issue of terminating the powers of those deputies who submitted applications. The regulations procedurally oblige us to put this issue to a vote at the very first meeting, ”

– explained Archil Talakvadze.

He noted that this is not an ultimatum to opposition parties, but just a warning – the law obliges to consider the issue of deprivation of parliamentary seats at the first meeting after the holidays. The grounds for the deprivation of parliamentary mandates are the statements of the deputies, but they still have a week to change their minds and start working normally in the country’s legislative body.

In the opinion of the deputy from the Georgian Dream party Sozara Subari, there is no political crisis in the country – 9 political forces entered parliament following the election results, and the fact that part of the opposition does not attend meetings does not mean anything.

“It was the same in the previous parliament – half of the then opposition did not attend meetings, but the parliament was capable, and no political crisis took place … In the classical sense, a crisis is when none of the parties that overcome the barrier can create a government. Don’t want to take part in the work of parliament? Let them sit at home! “

– Subari is sure.

However, the united opposition is outraged by the parliament’s plans to deprive the opposition parties that have passed to the legislature of parliamentary mandates, although they all wrote the corresponding statements last year.

“Today we learned that in a week they intend to terminate the mandates. This is the path to destabilization. They elect a one-party parliament. This means that the country is being led into a deep crisis. If parliament finally terminates mandates and does not make any compromises with the opposition, spring will be very hot. This is a matter of principle! “

– said one of the leaders of the Lelo party Mamuka Khazaradze

And the representative of the United National Movement (Saakashvili’s party) Nugzar Tsiklauri has already promised that the opposition will make every effort to ensure that a powerful protest movement resumes in the country with the beginning of spring.

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