Feb 23, 2021
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Georgia warned: Lithuania interferes in the country’s internal affairs

“The statements of the Lithuanian deputy are unacceptable for a sovereign country with pride”

Head of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Lithuanian Seimas in Georgia Sigismund Pavilenis, who arrived there to help resolve the political crisis and bring the authorities and the opposition to the negotiating table, announced that the opposition was ready for negotiations.

Previous negotiations (four rounds) ended two months ago and were unsuccessful.

“I want to build bridges. I believe that Georgian Dream is also ready to build bridges. I hope that people who have not entered parliament are also ready for this. But partners are needed for dialogue. I hope that Nika Melia will be represented in these negotiations. I hope that together we will find a way out “,

– said the Lithuanian deputy.

The head of the largest opposition party, United National Movement, also announced his readiness for negotiations Nicanor Melia, which provoked a new round of political confrontation. However, the question of his arrest still remains open.

“If the opposition is ready for dialogue, it means that the fifth round of negotiations will soon be appointed,”

– noted the head of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Parliament of Georgia and one of the leaders of the ruling party Nikoloz Samkharadze

For the sake of starting the fifth round of negotiations, the opposition is even ready to temporarily postpone a series of protests, which have already been scheduled for February 25.

However, the candidate for the post of Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili He categorically stated that there will be negotiations, but they will not talk about holding early parliamentary elections.

“We categorically reject any negotiations related to early elections! This question is closed! Return of the opposition to power through elections is out of the question. This issue is not being discussed, “

– Irakli Garibashvili said on Monday, February 2, at an extraordinary session of the parliament.

He suggested that the opposition take part in the discussion of economic plans in order to bring the country out of the economic crisis, and the UNM party – to dissociate itself from Saakashvili, then “Constructive dialogues will be possible”

Garibashvili also spoke about Lithuania’s interference in the internal affairs of Georgia.

“We are, of course, a hospitable country, but the statements of the Lithuanian deputy are unacceptable for a sovereign country with self-esteem, and I urge this person to stop such unacceptable statements and statements against the legally elected government as soon as possible,”

– recalled the candidate for the post of prime minister.

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On the picture. The head of the Committee for External Relations of the Lithuanian Seimas Zhigimantas Pavilenis.

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