Sep 1, 2021
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Georgia no longer wants European money

The government does not want to increase public debt

Recently, the European Union has reminded almost every day – if the ruling Georgian Dream party does not cancel its decision to withdraw from the Agreement of April 19, drawn up by the head of the European Council himself Charles Michel and providing for the reconciliation of the ruling party and the opposition, Brussels may not give the next tranche of macro-financial assistance. Apparently, the European Council was confident that the financial argument is the strongest and the “Georgian Dream” will not go anywhere. Therefore, the sudden refusal of the Georgian government from European money shocked both “Western partners” and the Georgian opposition, which in principle does not understand – how can one refuse money?

Let us remind you that we are talking about 75 million euros of the so-called macro-financial assistance, which in fact is not any kind of assistance, but just another loan.

“Macro-financial assistance is not just a grant, assistance, it is a loan. In addition, this issue has acquired a large political burden, therefore, in order to avoid any innuendo, the government decided not to take the second part of the EU loan. The main motive is that we have gradually begun to reduce our external debt. Our economic growth for 7 months amounted to 12.2%. If this rate is maintained, we will have good results at the end of the year, we will be able to do without another loan, which we will have to repay someday ”.

– said the Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili at a press conference on Tuesday, adding words of gratitude to the European Union for the first tranche received in December last year.

And literally a couple of hours after Garibashvili’s statement, the European Union announced its decision to deny Georgia the second part of macro-financial assistance in the amount of 75 million euros.

The opposition is sure – the government knew about what decision Brussels would take and decided to get ahead – now it was not the EU that punished Georgia, but Georgia refused the EU money.

Minister of Economy of Georgia Natia Turnava I agree with the head of government and also believes that if you have your own resources, you should not borrow money.

“We have internal resources that we can use for many programs and good deeds, and the external debt, which has already grown in our country, we should no longer increase because of the pandemic. This is not about aid, but about increasing external debt. This is a loan and, accordingly, if we have our own resources, there is no need to increase loans ”,

– explained the head of the Ministry of Economy.

However, despite reasonable explanations, opposition politicians accused the Georgian Dream of all sins and, above all, the most important thing, calling them a pro-Russian party and “Putin’s agents”.

“Refusal of EU assistance is a complete irresponsibility to the country and people. This is nothing more than the fact that the “Georgian Dream” is a Russian force, a traitor to those people who sacrificed themselves for the freedom and independence of this country. The traitor-occupier “Dream” must be removed from power “,

– the head of the Lelo party is sure Mamuka Khazaradze

And the leader of the Droa political force Elena Khoshtaria no doubt – this refusal of money means a message to Brussels that “For us his support in democracy, in the economy is not important, they turn away from the EU, now other sanctions may follow”

Dozens of NGOs working in Georgia have come to the opposition’s aid, “condemning and denouncing” the “traitors” from the Georgian Dream.

According to Vano Chkhikvadze, head of the Open Society Foundation – Georgia, refusing money means refusing to carry out the reforms that Europe demands. It is also a signal sent to Brussels: “Georgia is turning off the Euro-Atlantic course.”

In Europe, by the evening, only a European parliamentarian was able to comment on the refusal of the Georgian government from money Viola von Cramont

“Unfortunately, the Georgian government did not fulfill the conditions for receiving the second tranche of EU microfinance assistance. You cannot refuse what you were not entitled to receive. Nevertheless, we stand next to the Georgian people “,

– reported Viola von Cramont

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