Dec 30, 2020
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Georgia: government advises opposition to forget about elections

New scandal in the united opposition of Georgia – on the date of future elections

There is a new scandal in the camp of the Georgian opposition: the politicians of the opposition parties did not like the statement of one of the leaders of the Lelo for Georgia party Mamuka Khazaradze on the issue of holding early parliamentary elections.

Let us remind you that the opposition parties in Georgia believe that the results of the parliamentary elections held on October 31 in the country were falsified, in connection with which the opposition refused its parliamentary mandates, demanding the holding of new parliamentary elections. Several rounds of negotiations between the opposition and the ruling Georgian Dream party with the mediation of Western diplomats did not help; a compromise could not be reached.

Speaking on the “News of the Day” program on the Palitranews TV channel, Khazaradze allowed early parliamentary elections not to be held in 2021, as the opposition insists, but in 2022.

“I am sure that the negotiations will take place and early elections will be scheduled. It will be perfect if all this happens in 2021, which I don’t believe in, to be honest. But I think that in 2022 it is possible to hold fully proportional elections – this will be a way out … “

– said Khazaradze, while he did not miss the opportunity to accuse the ruling Georgian Dream party and its leader Bidzina Ivanishvili the fact that Georgia has become a lagging country.

However, criticism of Ivanishvili and “Georgian Dream” did not help: after the broadcast, almost all leaders of opposition parties criticized Khazaradze.

“Khazaradze must take into account that he is not in the bank, but in politics, and must approach the issues politically. The postponement of the elections to 2022 means that we declare Ivanishvili as emperor without a crown, ”

– Shalva Natelashvili, leader of the Labor Party of Georgia, told reporters.

At the same time, he is sure that there are no disagreements among the opposition political forces, the united policy is united.

“The Georgian political spectrum has shown a historical, unprecedented unity, and this continues to this day. The topic and problem is painful, historical, which must be solved. So don’t be surprised if different opinions are expressed. But the elections must be held immediately, since there is no decision-making body in the country … The elections must take place before June, ”

– Natelashvili insists.

The party “European Georgia” conciliatoryly declared that every politician has the right to his personal opinion and split the opposition (and the opposition has already begun quarrels and mutual insults about Khazaradze’s statement) because of personal opinion it is impossible.

“It is Mr. Mamuka’s right to have such a position. This is where the strength of oppositional unity lies, that, on the one hand, we are principled, and on the other, we can listen to each other, ”

– said a member of the party “European Georgia” Levan Tarkhnishvili

However, everyone was reconciled and put an end to this dispute by one of the leaders of the ruling party “Georgian Dream” Mamuka Mdinaradzeinforming all interested parties that the government is not considering holding early parliamentary elections “Neither in 2021, nor in 2022”

“No early elections – no matter how much they delay and no matter how attractive the proposal is in their opinion. Holding early elections in 2022, 2023 or two months before the 2024 elections, etc. is categorically not considered in the ruling team “,

– said Mamuka Mdinaradze, noting that the demands of opposition politicians look like “Until I win the elections, I will demand the next”… However, Georgian Dream will firmly defend its position. Moreover, in the context of the economic decline, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, holding early elections is simply unacceptable, Mdinaradze said.

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