Jan 11, 2022
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Georgia announced the creation of “disobedience groups”

Saakashvili continues to call for protests from prison

While the whole world was following the events in Kazakhstan, the ex-president of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili continued to call for protests from his prison cell, where he was sent by the court for six years – for violations of the law as head of state.

Saakashvili continues to accuse the ruling Georgian Dream party of pro-Russian sentiments and scares his supporters with the arrival of Russian peacekeepers “like in Kazakhstan.”

Today, there is a large-scale invasion of Kazakhstan by Russian troops operating under the cover of the CSTO, where the entire people rebelled against social injustice, corruption and election fraud. Do we want this scenario for our country? Of course not, and if not, we must learn to push aside all sorts of grievances and personal ambitions and achieve the goal by joint, massive and continuous actions, using all legitimate levers.“,

quotes Saakashvili InterPressNews

Otherwise, he threatens the people of Georgia to die of hunger, because the West will soon stop helping Georgians – the current government constantly demonstrates its disobedience to its “Western partners”.

According to the ex-president, there is only one way out – “transform numerous protest stream into one powerful wide river of protest and wash away all who interfere with going to a dignified life“.

The call of the main oppositionist in Georgia was heard, and already in Tbilisi it was announced the creation of “disobedience groups” – first in the capital, then throughout the country. These groups will not only organize protest rallies and protest marches in front of various government departments, but also arrange “corridors of shame” there for government officials. In addition, anti-government rallies begin throughout Georgia.

We offer a broad unification to those people who wish to defeat the regime through peaceful action. Together with our like-minded people in the regions, we will start a movement that will spread throughout the country. In the capital in the coming days we will create disobedience groups“,

stated Levan Merabishvili at the rally, which took place near the walls of prison number 12 in Rustavi, where Saakashvili is being held

The protest rally near the prison was dedicated to 100 days of the ex-president’s imprisonment, organized by the recently created association of Georgian civil activists called “Misha’s Sector”, but just over two dozen people came to the rally. This time, even Saakashvili’s associates in the United National Movement party did not show any activity.

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