Jun 26, 2021
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“Georgia and the World”: The West Remembers Georgia When It Benefits

No one is waiting for Ukraine or Georgia either in NATO or in the EU

As a result of the long-awaited NATO summit, Georgia received a lot … nothing. Yes, “nothing” – but not the same as before, namely large and impressive. Well, of course, the authorities tried to give this “nothing” a colorful shade, began to applaud, explaining: they say, funding from NATO is being reduced due to the fact that we have withdrawn troops from Afghanistan, and the funds in the alliance are usually spent very rationally“, – reports the newspaper” Georgia and World “.

But it is completely incomprehensible what relation this explanation has to Georgia’s desire to quickly join the ranks of the Alliance, the newspaper wonders. And then there is Saakashvili from Kiev reproaches that during his presidency, Georgia was mentioned overseas at least once a week, but now they have forgotten. In response, the leaders of the Georgian opposition promised to do everything possible so that the West remembered Georgia every day.

By the way, Ukraine received “nothing” even cleaner than ours. Say what you like, it is many times larger than Georgia – it is the largest European state, and its “nothing”, of course, is perceived on a much larger scale“, Writes the author of the article, Georgian journalist Beso Barbakadze.

And if Ukraine was remembered at the meeting of the presidents of Russia and the United States in Geneva, although with a “smear”, then they did not mention Georgia. But some Georgian politicians seriously assured on the eve of the Geneva meeting that Biden would definitely tell Putin that Georgia would soon become a NATO member. I didn’t say. I didn’t remember. There is a suspicion, the author believes, that they remember about Georgia overseas only when it is necessary to “pinch” Russia.

It is like stirring up a cooling ash with a poker to ignite sparks. It is the function of this kind of poker that Georgia performs, and the West grasped it tightly, not thinking to let go. And the worst of all is that the “poker” herself is doing her best so that these hands do not decide to let her go, and they have been twirling us around as they want for 30 years and constantly making us play with fire“, – notes” Georgia and the world “.

Beso Barbakadze does not understand how one could expect something from the NATO summit, to which neither Georgia nor Ukraine was invited – it was decided in Brussels that it was not even worth spending time talking with them. Everyone in Georgia has long understood that they do not want to see the country either in the EU or NATO, and all promises are made exclusively for politicians who believe in them, unlike ordinary people.

The situation in Ukraine is no better, the author is sure. In his opinion, the funniest thing in this situation is that as soon as the West promises Kiev to grant NATO membership, Georgian politicians begin to applaud and admire, because there is an incomprehensible opinion that Ukraine will not be accepted into the Alliance without Georgia. In fact, they will not accept it either together or separately, although they say the cherished word “soon”. This “soon” for Georgia, for example, has been going on for thirty years. How long it will last for Ukraine is still unknown.

In the meantime, we just have to wait for the next NATO summit, and in winter – the Davos Forum … When the Western leaders gather, they will again discuss some topics and, perhaps, mention us in plain terms, although it is possible that they will not remember us at all. Are you surprised? But is it really still not clear that our country interests them insofar as ?! And therefore we have been casually mentioned for 30 years, but we stubbornly refuse to open our eyes to this.“, – states” Georgia and the World “.

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