Sep 20, 2021
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“Georgia and the world”: Saakashvili as a tool for provocations

“The West wants punishment for Georgia, and Saakashvili is the best option”

Mikhail Saakashvili traditionally stepped up before the next elections, once again declaring that he would definitely return to his homeland. As always – another empty bragging, but his last statement is different from all the previous ones. It was done too self-confidently, and his associates, who previously preferred to remain silent, began to actively prepare for his arrival, the newspaper reports. “Georgia and the World”

And although the Georgian authorities treat such statements with a fair amount of humor, they understand that if the fugitive president returns, social upheavals cannot be avoided.

“The West does not consider Saakashvili either a prisoner or a criminal, all doors in America and Europe are open to him, therefore they will certainly protest his arrest there. And in Georgia itself, a movement has already been founded that aims to prevent the security forces from arresting him as an officially convicted criminal. It is highly likely that MEPs Andrius Kubilius and Viola von Cramon will follow the ex-president to Georgia. They will serve as a kind of shield for him, so that law enforcement agencies would not be able to reach him and detain him, ”

– writes the edition.

Let us remind you that in several cases the Georgian justice of Saakashvili handed down guilty verdicts and quite specific prison terms. However, the “Western partners” never took Georgian laws seriously, but proceeded only from their own interests, emphasizes “Georgia and the World”, adding that the authorities have finally begun to understand this. And having begun to understand, they tried to defend their interests, which was not at all pleasant either in Brussels or in Washington.

Withdrawal of the ruling Georgian Dream party from the agreement Charles Michel he alarmed the West so much that it now craves punishment, and from this point of view, the best option for punishment is the arrival of Saakashvili. This is a blatant provocation, the result of which will certainly turn out to be the way Western politicians want it to be – aggravation of the situation, actions, but if someone, God forbid, accidentally shoots, it will be just perfect.

“Western diplomats have long been convinced that it makes no sense for them to pin their hopes on the population, on the people. People do not follow the opposition, no one wants the return of the nationals, and therefore something must happen that will make it possible to change the situation without the participation of the people, and this “something” is a well-thought-out and skillfully planned provocation ”,

– the author of the article does not doubt the journalist Beso Barbakadze

In the author’s opinion, neither Armenia, nor Azerbaijan, nor Turkey will dare to arrest Saakashvili and hand him over to Georgia if representatives of the European Parliament are with him. At the same time, the approach of the fugitive president to the border will set in motion a mass of thousands of people who will move towards him. At the same time, the opposition will not be stingy with financial expenses in order to mobilize this mass of people and direct them in the right direction. And the opposition media will present all this in an appropriate way. And there is no doubt that all Western diplomats will side with Saakashvili. As a result, he will be perceived as a politician-martyr, a fighter for the truth, who is persecuted by “evil” authorities.

Meanwhile, these authorities are doing nothing today in order to exclude the development of events according to such a scenario, limiting themselves only to statements that Saakashvili is a coward and is afraid to come.

“Of course, no one really knows how events will develop further and whether Saakashvili will dare to appear in Georgia. But one thing is clear: even if, accompanying him from one side, not only MEPs but Joe Biden himself stand up, from the other – Charles Michel personally, the government must still fulfill the law. Otherwise, we will have neither the state nor the country, and we will continue to exist only purely formally “,

– Beso Barbakadze is convinced.

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