Oct 13, 2020
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“Georgia and the world”: Kelly Degnan worries about elections in Georgia more than in the USA

Blaming Russia, US Ambassador Prepares to Challenge the Undesirable Results of the Georgian Elections

“As the elections approach, the intensity of political passions has reached its maximum. Both the authorities and opponents gradually go to extremes, ignoring the elementary boundaries of decency. The main “trump card” that the opposition has against the current government is “Russian influence” on the country. The entire opposition unanimously asserts that Georgia is ruled by a Russian oligarch and that this situation needs to be changed. The most interesting thing about everything is that none of the oppositionists explains what, in fact, the “pro-Russianness” of the current government is manifested in and what the thesis “a Russian henchman rules the country” generally means. After all, without exception, all representatives of the authorities invariably and firmly confirm from the high rostrum that they adhere to the course towards the West, ”

- writes the Georgian newspaper "Georgia and World".

The publication reminds that the EU and the US will send special missions with observers to Georgia, who will closely monitor the progress of the parliamentary elections in Georgia. Russia, however, is not going to send its observers to Georgia; they generally keep complete silence and do not make any statements regarding the Georgian elections. The close attention of "Western partners" from overseas to the Georgian elections is even more surprising, given that a few days after the parliamentary elections in Georgia, the US presidential elections will take place. Nevertheless, the "strategic partner" manages to find time and control the preparations for the elections in Georgia. Do Americans really care about our elections than their own? Beso Barbakadze...

However, Russia's silence and its ignorance of the Georgian elections did not help - American Ambassador to Tbilisi Kelly Degnan still blamed Moscow.

“On the part of Russia, we have already observed in various European countries and in the United States this kind of dangerous interference in elections. Thus, it cannot be ruled out that similar attempts will be made in Georgia. I think the Georgian government, like the entire society, takes this issue seriously. It is very important to correctly respond to distorted information and be careful about such things aimed at causing damage to the country, ”

- the publication quotes the statement of the US ambassador.

At the same time, the "Western partners" themselves are not at all shy in their statements, openly saying that the power in the country after eight years of government should change. But change is not just how it will turn out, but only in accordance with the recommendations of the West. And here there is no question of whether the citizens of Georgia will like these recommendations, everything was decided long ago for them.

According to Kelly Degnan, this is what real democracy looks like. But, of course, Russia interferes in the Georgian elections. Moreover, all the political leaders of Georgia, except perhaps only Nino Burjanadze and Irma Inashvili, take an anti-Russian position. So why is Degnan making such claims?

“Such statements prepare the necessary ground: if the West does not like the election results, try in every possible way to challenge the interest received. Then they will tell us: over there Russia intervened in the matter and therefore the results turned out to be like that. If anyone has any questions, they poke him in the face with just this statement - they say, when Mrs. Kelly warned us that Russia would try to intervene and now she succeeded. And the choice of the Georgian people, most likely, will break their heads and at the same time they will not even ask about anything ”,

- states "Georgia and the World".

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