Mar 31, 2021
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George Soros, Bill Gates and other “pharmacists”

More than a year ago, when news about a new infection began to fly from faraway China, there was a lot of talk about a certain bat, through which the “zero patient” was infected. The most common point of view was something like this: in wild China, some dirty ragamuffin devours, almost raw, a bats. Then, in passing, they reported about some Americans who had been there and also seemed to get sick, but this information did not stay in the news for a long time, passing along a tangent.

Later, when every day they began to show the city in which it all began, the version about the “ragamuffin with a bat” faded away. It turned out that the city of Wuhan is a huge industrial metropolis with dozens of skyscrapers, and there is no smell of unsanitary opium dens of the late 19th century.

The Chinese cheerfully began to fight COVID-19, they did it on a large scale and in an organized manner. And against the background of this television picture, much has been said in the world about “China’s guilt in the spread of the epidemic.” About the fact that there is a kind of biological laboratory in Wuhan. Well, why, pray tell, “these Chinese communists” keep a biological laboratory? Could it be for spreading the infection around the world? Or maybe they poorly complied with the sanitary requirements for laboratory animals? Say, laboratory white mouse from bats could not be distinguished.

And now, a year and a half after the start of the mess, it turns out that the biological laboratory in Wuhan, although “Chinese” on a territorial basis, but legally belongs to … the British company “Glaxosmitkline”.

This pharmaceutical company is one of the largest, or rather the second largest in the world. Its headquarters are located near London, in Brentford. An hour and a half from there you can drive by car to the infamous Salisbury, where someone, for some unknown reason, poisoned someone. There was a lot of noise, and the Russians were blamed.

So, the biological laboratory in China belongs to the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company in terms of turnover, which, in turn, belongs to the first company, that is, Pfizer, which is now producing a vaccine against the virus. Of course, it is not easy to determine the exact ownership of the company, or rather its shares, which are in free sale, it is not easy to determine; numerous brokers and management companies are engaged in their purchase, about which a little below. But rumors are circulating …

The vaccine, by the way, is so-so, a lot of side effects. This was also the opinion of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for the Study of Allergic and Infectious Diseases of the United States, when the President of the United States was still a Republican, Mr. Donald Trump. After the Democrat Joseph Biden came to power, Dr. Fauci sharply changed his point of view. Now, in his opinion, it is possible and necessary to be vaccinated with this vaccine. Politics is, of course, not an exact science, but it is akin to art. The art of mass management.

It may not be that important who actually owns Glaxosmithkline – the numerous minority or individual majority shareholders. But who is it controlled by? – this is not an idle question. In this case, Black Rock Finance, headquartered in New York. What kind of “Black Rock of Finance” (if – in Russian)? Yes, the one that is closely associated with the Open Social Foundation Company, or simply – with the George Soros Foundation. This is the only way we say “Soros Fund”, in fact there are many different funds and companies (among them, for example, the French insurance company “ACH” – not only insurance, but also investment). To be more precise – a group of the world’s largest companies, backbone for the world economy, headquartered in Paris.

They operate almost all over the world. Recently, they became famous for the fact that they first entered the Nord Stream-2 consortium, and then left it. As if they entered there specifically in order to get out. After all, politics is a continuation of the economy. And medicine with pharmaceuticals is a significant part of it.

George Soros owns a lot. For example, the European company Winterthur. Not to be confused with the insurance company ACH Winterthur, although the coincidences are hardly coincidental. So, this company built a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, and, having built it, sold it to the German insurance company Allianz or Alliance in Russian. Rumor has it that it is through the company “Vanguard”, is connected with the “Black Rock”, which we reported above, and which, in one way or another, manages about a third of global investment capital.

However, the firm itself is a layer of a very, very large private investment company headquartered in the old town of Valley Forge Woods. It brings together more than three hundred American and other financial funds. Certainly not like Black Rock, but it is one of the largest investment companies in the world and the largest in the world in terms of “assets under management”, which is about nine trillion dollars at the beginning of this year. In total, there are almost a hundred trillion such assets in the world, so there is something to strive for.

Although, of course, it depends on how you count. Some, when calculating the total value of such assets, take into account everything: bank deposits, mutual funds, and just money, others are limited to funds within the framework of trust management, where the investor assigns full responsibility to the management company. In general, everything is not easy.

The devil himself will break his leg in this political economy. Funds, banks, concerns, companies, investments, insurance … Now, if Zhora had agreed with Borey about this and that, or, for example, George had agreed with Bill, then it would have been clearer.

Black Rock, by the way, is the main shareholder of Microsoft, through the licensed software of which all of the above and the following are written. And it belongs to Bill Gates.

Rumor has it that, among other financial assets, Mr. Gates is the owner of shares in Pfizer, which now sells its vaccine. He is also the number one sponsor of the World Health Organization (WHO).

That is, he was the second, before Donald Trump, as president of the United States, stopped paying this organization. Now, probably, Bill has again stepped back into supporting roles. But the first and the second can always agree.

About 20-30 years ago we were told that philanthropist and philanthropist George Soros stupidly “gives money” to maintain democracy in Russia and then, having washed his hands, stepped aside. Then it turned out that this was not entirely true.

He, or the people authorized by him, continue to closely monitor how their funds are spent. And these funds, in the end, return to the “benefactors” a hundredfold.

I am by no means claiming that Bill Gates, George Soros or anyone else met and agreed to manufacture and distribute the deadly virus around the world. They only determine the general strategy: to place biological laboratories away from the so-called civilized world: in China, Ukraine, Georgia and other republics of the former USSR. At home, they close it, but somewhere they open it.

We also remember well that “the greatest economic minds of mankind” advocate a systematic reduction in the world’s population. It is not for nothing that their protégés, such as the first black president of the United States, legitimize same-sex marriage to reduce the population. Perhaps there are other steps being taken that we are not aware of yet.

Yuri Ensov

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