Oct 10, 2021
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Geopolitical gods bring manna from heaven to Putin – Bloomberg

Vladimir Putin. Photo: Kremlin Pool / Global Look Press /

Russia has an opportunity to show the world that it is a superpower

The gas situation on the European market haunts experts in many countries. For example, Bloomberg columnist Megan O’Salivan pointed out that the current situation will play into Russia’s hands. Moscow will be able to consolidate greatness on the world stage because of the gas situation.

The author of the article drew attention to the fact that Moscow has not yet helped the Europeans to solve their problem with blue fuel. However, in the near future Europe and Great Britain can overcome this crisis only thanks to Russia.

“Geopolitical gods bring manna from heaven to Putin,” O’Salivan writes.

The journalist believes that Europe understands that soon the situation with raw materials will only get worse. The only thing that can save the West from disaster is an abnormally warm winter. The journalist joked that now Putin is like Mother Nature. At the same time, O’Salivan does not at all consider Russia to be guilty of high gas prices. She also advised the world to think about a future in which such unpredictable stories could repeat themselves.

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