Oct 8, 2021
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Gennady Zyuganov: We are the only force that can pull Russia out of the crisis

On October 8, an online conference of the leader of the Communist Party of Russia was held Gennady Zyuganov… The broadcast was carried out on the Red Line TV channel. Svobodnaya Pressa presents the most important fragments of the “Direct Conversation” with the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

The leader of the communists began his speech with an assessment of the past elections. This topic, in his opinion, is too early to close. It’s too early to write off the administration’s abuses during voting in the country.

According to Gennady Zyuganov, two forces clashed in the last parliamentary elections in Russia: defenders of social justice and those who want to establish a “police state” in the country. The Communist Party of Russia has set itself the goal of protecting the interests of the majority of Russians, Zyuganov recalled:

– We are the only force in the country that can pull Russia out of the crisis. The majority of our population is in an extremely difficult situation. In order to solve all their problems, we also needed to get a majority in the new Duma.

This time, the communists did not manage to get a majority in the lower house of parliament. The reason, according to the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, is one – the authorities did everything to ensure that fair elections simply did not take place. In this case, United Russia would never have won a majority, the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation stressed. He also listed regions that have excelled in their efforts to achieve the desired performance. First of all, this is the North Caucasus, the Bryansk region, certain areas of Primorye – specifically, the city of Ussuriisk – and, of course, Moscow.

– In Moscow, when voting in single-mandate constituencies, six members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation won in their constituencies. What did the authorities do? They conducted an electronic vote. And his results were kept for 10 hours – on purpose to upset our results.

As a result of electronic voting, six impostor deputies appeared in the State Duma, the leader of the Communist Party said. From this, the party in power will continue to lose the support of the population.

– I looked at the last poll of trust in the authorities. All institutions sank: the Duma, the Federation Council. The highest trust now is in the army. But even there it sank. So no scam will help.

The only way out of this situation is to cancel remote electronic voting and the three-day period, which Zyuganov said at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin on September 25.

“Why is there more and more dirty technologies in the elections in Russia every time?” – Asked the presenter of “Direct Conversation”. The leader of the Communist Party recalled that the desire to use administrative resources has always been in power. But it did not immediately turn out to make it a mass phenomenon:

– The 90s were dirty and difficult. But people still had a conscience and personal responsibility. And now a new galaxy has formed. I even look at the policemen who dragged Nikolai Zubrilin. They understood that this man was the head of our faction in the Moscow City Duma. But this did not stop them. These are decayed people. Even Sergei Shoigu is already warning of the country’s massive disintegration.

When the law is not written in the country, Makhnovism and criminality sets in, – warns Zyuganov.

After that, “Direct Conversation” turns to the situation around the Lenin state farm near Moscow. Its leader – Pavel Grudinin – The Central Election Commission removed from participation in the elections. Moreover, the Supreme Court upheld this decision of the CEC. Gennady Zyuganov is sure that all this is being done with the aim of destroying such national economies in the country. The state farm named after Lenin, according to the leader of the Communist Party, repulsed at least six raider attacks. Similar situations arise in other regions of the country. In Mari El – around the Zvenigovsky state farm. In the Irkutsk region – around the “Usolsky pig farm”. And the results of their work should be replicated, not destroyed, the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation said:

– There are about 200 such farms in our country. These are oases that will save the country. I invited and Vladimir Putin, and Sergei Sobyanin and Andrey Vorobyovto come and see what can be done. None of them made it to the Lenin State Farm.

Immediately after the head of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Deputy Chairman of the Communist Party came to the studio of “Direct Conversation” Dmitry Novikov and a deputy of the Saratov Regional Duma from the Communist Party Nikolay Bondarenko… The conversation went in a more frank manner.

So Nikolai Bondarenko had to immediately, at the request of the presenter, clarify the situation with the alleged division of the Russian communists into “right” and “wrong”. They say that even whole lists of those and others appeared on the Internet. Dmitry Bondarenko was registered as a “correct communist”. The deputy of the Saratov Regional Duma himself is opposed to such a division in principle. He suggested that the Russians went on about the pro-government media, whose purpose was to split the camp of the Communist Party:

– Of course, there are people who are led to this and believe that a split, discord has appeared in the Communist Party. The authorities are investing crazy resources into this. She would very much like our split, fight and strife within the Communist Party. But nothing comes of it. We are one team.

Nikolai Bondarenko added that the complexity in this issue is also added by the fact that the federal media do not cover the activities of the communists at all: on the deputies, or on representatives of the local executive power. “State media are closed for us at best. At worst, they discredit us, ”the deputy said.

“Why don’t the communists lay down their deputy mandates?” – the presenter directly asked the guests of the broadcast. “Such calls are made either by provocateurs or by those who are sincerely mistaken,” noted Dmitry Novikov.

To hand over the mandates, in his opinion, means betraying the interests of voters, abandoning the party program. The Communist Party cannot agree to this. Plus, according to the law, the mandates that were abandoned will be redistributed.

– In this case, part of our mandates will be given to the anti-communists. The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia went to these elections with anti-communist ideas. And she will receive our mandates. We can’t do that. The delivery of mandates will move us away from the achievement of program objectives, not closer to them. Handing over mandates and not participating at all is possible only in a situation when people took to the streets and the power was about to fall.

“Why, then, don’t the communists take people to the streets?” – the host asks a provocative question. The answer suggests itself – this can lead to a ban on the activities of the Communist Party, which will throw the communists in the development of five years, at least. We need to act differently, says Dmitry Novikov:

– There is such a concept “balance of forces”. We need to make sure that the balance of power allows us to win. And it is now changing in our favor.

At the same time, Dmitry Novikov admitted that this is only the beginning of the path and the struggle for votes.

– To defeat the entire machine of deception and falsification, a victory of 5-10% is not enough. This interest will always be stolen. It is necessary for the victory to be complete. For this, it is necessary not to look for shortcomings in the Communist Party, but to strengthen support. When the victory is two and three times, no one will steal it from us.

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