Jan 3, 2022
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Gennady Zyuganov: The past year has confirmed that it is impossible to get out of the crisis without justice and collectivism

In the photo: the head of the Communist Party faction Gennady Zyuganov

In the photo: the head of the Communist Party faction Gennady Zyuganov (Photo: Anton Novoderezhkin / TASS)

At the end of December, VTsIOM summed up the results of 2021. The main events on a global scale, Russians considered the coronavirus pandemic (39%), as well as mass vaccination (35%). The key events on the scale of the Russian Federation are the fight against the same covid (21%) and the elections to the State Duma (8%).

VTsIOM also asked to choose three main words for 2021. They were: coronavirus (38%), price increases (34%) and QR codes (28%).

According to sociologists, on New Year’s Eve, every second respondent (50%) felt joy and expectation of changes for the better, 19% – calmness and confidence.

That is, according to the logic of VTsIOM, life has become more fun. Despite the rampant rise in prices, inflation and total impoverishment of the population. And in spite of the impudence with which the Kremlin shuts the mouth of the opposition, cleaning up the political “clearing”.

Now, take off your pink Vciom glasses. How the results of 2021 actually look like, will tell Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov

– Sergey Kapitsa, a prominent scientist, liked to repeat: the world will not be destroyed by the atom or cancer, but by a greedy fool, ”says Gennady Zyuganov, chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. – This is what we are seeing today. The capitalist system has reached a complete impasse. Back in the summer of 2019, the French president Macron stated that “capitalism has gone berserk.” In October this year, at the Valdai Forum, already the president Putin noted that the existing model of capitalism has exhausted itself, that within its framework there is no longer a way out of the “tangle of increasingly tangled contradictions” – and urged to think about it.

We all need to think as the crisis intensifies. In Russia, it has clearly manifested itself in almost all areas. Yes, Putin at a big press conference tried to somehow please the citizens. They say that our growth rate is 4.5% of GDP per year, and 90 million square meters of housing were commissioned in 2021. meters, and unemployment is not so severe. But these are most likely crafty numbers.

“SP”: – Why do you think so?

– In 2020, our economy sank by 3% of GDP. If you add the current figure to this, you get a modest growth of 1.5%.

In fact, we are still marking time around 1% of GDP per year. And we have been marking time for 10 years! During this period, the average annual growth rate of our economy is only 0.9%. And in the United States, it has grown by 16% over the past decade, in the European Union – by a third, and in China – by more than 100%!

Thus, our oligarchic criminal capitalism turned out to be the most unproductive, the ugliest and most inhuman!

This can be seen at the end of 2021 as well. Citizens’ incomes continue to decline for the eighth consecutive year. Prices both grew and continue to rise. If in 2020, at a big press conference, Putin himself raised the question of why sugar rose by 70%, this time he moved away from the topic of inflation. Because she has become too uncomfortable.

The rate of growth in prices for essential products was unprecedented in 2021. Cabbage has risen in price by 120%, carrots and beets – by 50-80%. At the same time, prices for gravel, sand and metal soared. But we do all this ourselves. And foreign countries with its sanctions have clearly nothing to do with it!

This means that the current system of economic management is no good.

And what about financial and economic policy? We were assured that its main achievement was consistently low inflation. They promised that it would not exceed 4% in a year. But in 2021, inflation exceeded 8%. At the same time, the Central Bank raised its key rate four times a year. And this leads to an inevitable increase in interest rates on loans for individuals and businesses. And our financial authorities are not going to stop there. Let me remind you that the Great Depression in the United States broke out after the third increase in the Fed’s key rate! And we have already the fourth in 12 months – and this threatens with major troubles!

But the biggest problem is that Russia – the only one in the world – continues to die out at an accelerated pace. Over the past two years, we lost about 1 million of our population, and in 2021 – more than 900 thousand more. In fact, these are six regional centers with a population of 300 thousand people – such as Smolensk, Oryol, Kurgan. Nevertheless, the authorities shy away from serious discussion of this most acute topic. But we are talking about a direct threat to the existence of the country!

The authorities had the opportunity to rectify the situation. However, Putin’s team and United Russia absolutely failed to cope with this task. This is the main conclusion that can be drawn based on the results of 2021.

The country is still in the grip of a severe crisis. The well-being of citizens continues to decline. The split in society is deepening. It feels more and more humiliated. And less and less often he receives at least something from the authorities, except for shouts and threats. It is amazing how demonstratively the ruling party refuses the constructive dialogue with the people and the opposition that the country needs.

“SP”: – You say that there was an opportunity to rectify the situation. When?

– Two years ago, at the end of December, when I, together with the leaders of parliamentary factions, met with the president in the Kremlin. We discussed the current situation. I told Putin openly: the key tasks that you formulated in the national projects are not being fulfilled. One of the tasks – to reach the world growth rates (at that time they amounted to 3.5% of GDP) – has completely failed. At our current pace, we will not enter the top five economies in the world, as you demanded. On the contrary, we will only roll back.

I also said that with the team under the command Medvedev we’re not getting anywhere. Because this team continues to walk the trodden path Yeltsin, Gaidar, Chubais and others like them.

Putin then listened – in mid-January 2020, he dismissed Medvedev’s government and replaced it with a government Mishustina… I think Mishustin is a professional, competent and experienced leader. The question was one: will he have enough political will to get out of the terrible rut trampled by the traitors and crooks who built the country into the tail of Uncle Sam? Have they doomed it to the role of a raw material appendage, hoping that they themselves will fall into the Americanized transnational elite?

Note that the Chubais and Gaidars did not make it to this elite. But when, after the bankruptcy in 2008 of the fourth largest investment bank in the United States, Lehman Brothers, dozens of countries flew into the pit of the crisis, Russia collapsed the most. However, no conclusions were drawn from this situation in subsequent years.

Mishustin’s government tried to get out of this maelstrom – through better organization, more attention to the lagging regions. By strengthening the role of the high-tech sector of the economy. But Mishustin’s team is not sitting at the box office, from which socio-economic programs are financed. The same Gaidar-Chubais gang is sitting there, which both strangled the country and continues to strangle.

This was especially evident in 2021. The President said: they have imposed sanctions on us, they continue to spread rot, they threaten with war – we need social cohesion, high rates of development. Well, who is against it! I decided that now United Russia will offer us to jointly develop a program for overcoming the crisis, that we will hold a constructive and meaningful discussion during the election campaign. We took the president’s words extremely responsibly. At the II Oryol International Economic Forum, a program “10 steps to a decent life” was formed, 12 draft laws for development were developed for it, the unique experience of people’s enterprises was taken into account, forums and seminars were held.

But United Russia did not want to take a single step towards a full-fledged anti-crisis policy. At the party congress, respected ministers and smart governors were included in its leadership. And this locomotive dragged the party, at the same time breaking everything that could contribute to a normal election campaign. The authorities introduced a distance, a three-day vote – and a massive falsification of the results began.

And then more than 80 people who headed the party lists of “United Russia” left to the side. And the audience came to the Duma not only ambitious, but arrogant and heartless. In the process of adopting the law on the federal budget, she cut 9 social items by 670 billion rubles. Including medical expenses – and this is in the midst of a pandemic! Previously, they were 4.6% of GDP, but now they have dropped to 4.1%! There is even a patented liberal Kudrin indignant!

I tried to convince United Russia: let’s consider the situation with demography at the State Council! After all, the indigenous Russian regions are dying out. We are on the verge of collapse – the Russian core is disappearing, the Russian language is being persecuted on the territory of the former USSR! But they don’t seem to hear!

We managed to bring the issue of the development of science and high technologies to the State Council. Speaking at it, I said: we are obliged to support science and education. A country can be great only when it has great science and culture. When she has the will to build a worthy future, which begins with the formation of the image of this future.

The Soviet country became great because it invested enormous resources in education and science. In our country, 0.2% of GDP is invested in fundamental science, and 0.8% of GDP in applied science. These are pitiful numbers! China and the United States are investing three times as much, South Korea four times as much! How can we compete with them ?!

I made a proposal: let’s make the Academy of Sciences a state institution, establish a national Lomonosov Prize as opposed to the Nobel Prize. Everyone seemed to be in favor – but things are still there!

We introduce a draft law on state support for the Russian language and our history – and again we run into opposition from United Russia!

We ask you to support the children of war – and here is a refusal!

“SP”: – What does all this say?

– I believe that in 2021 the ruling party rejected the opportunity to establish a full-fledged dialogue with the opposition, hold full-fledged elections, and form a decent policy. Discuss it with citizens, invest the necessary resources in improving the nation’s health. Instead of a new path, the old Gaidar-Chubais track is being imposed on us. Instead of dialogue – tightening the screws.

This policy is based on two principles. The first is the manipulation of the consciousness of citizens and outright propaganda lies. The second is direct violence. The actions of the authorities, in fact, boiled down to building a rigid vertical and the destruction of the institutions of civil self-government on the ground.

Meanwhile, Russia has always lived by the interaction of a strong vertical with a developed and effective system of horizontal power – be it a peasant community, a Cossack circle, or a party meeting.

“SP”: – What choice does Putin have now?

– The choice is simple: either the center-left policy, or the situation will get out of control.

We, in turn, explicitly declare that we will defend our future. This is the future – a modern economy, high technology, cool science, a unique Russian-Soviet school of education! This is, finally, a zone of social optimism, people’s enterprises, respect for the working man!

We will defend our right to a dignified life – just as our fathers and grandfathers defended the Brest Fortress, Moscow, Stalingrad!

Russia cannot exist without justice, collectivism and high spirituality! Only a policy based on these principles will allow us to get out of the crisis and ensure peace on our borders! The problems that have worsened in 2021 only confirm this.

“SP”: – What is New Year for you?

– The New Year for all of us is new hopes, dreams and aspirations. For me, it has always been one of the main and brightest holidays. At school I was Santa Claus twice. And this is one of the best roles that I have played in this life. Distributing gifts to children, making them happier – what could be better!

On the eve of 2022, we decided to make a very large Christmas tree and gather as many children as possible around it. Especially those who find it difficult now.

We sent the 93rd humanitarian convoy to Donbass – 150 thousand gifts. They handed them right on the front line to the soldiers who protect the Russian world – all of us – from the Nazi-Bandera pack. They were handed over to the children. We visited schools, boarding schools, families that have lost their fathers and husbands. We held a concert for children with special needs.

We supported the children of Donbass in Moscow as much as possible – we accepted 2,500 children from this region. They visited the Kremlin, VDNKh, memorable places and places of battles. And we went home as our friends.

I believe that the New Year should be a welcome holiday for everyone and bring joy to everyone. We need to do everything possible so that children, women and the elderly feel cared for first of all. But this should not only happen on holidays. It needs to be a daily practice. And this is possible only in a state whose policy is based on the principles of humanism and justice.

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