Apr 29, 2022
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Gennady Zyuganov: In Ukraine we are fighting for the Russian world

Photo: Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov

In the photo: Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov (Photo: Press service of the State Duma of the Russian Federation / TASS)

On May 1, Sunday, May Day demonstrations will be held throughout Russia. True, in the regions, applications from parties to hold individual actions were mostly rejected by the authorities. The reason was the still existing coronavirus restrictions. According to analysts, in this way the regional authorities cut off the risks of the emergence of harsh social slogans.

It has not yet been reported whether a mass May Day demonstration will take place in Moscow. Last year, we recall, the city hall did not coordinate the procession due to the pandemic.

About what May Day means for us in this difficult year, told Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov.

— Dear friends, comrades, comrades-in-arms, I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on the Day of International Solidarity of Workers! – He speaks Gennady Zyuganov. May Day is equally loved by different generations. It unites those who are not indifferent to truth and justice. The slogan “Peace. Work. May” is already habitually strengthening the ranks of fighters for socialism and the brotherhood of peoples.

On May 1, workers and scientists, doctors and teachers, academicians and students, veterans and teenagers march with red banners. There are fighters for the people’s happiness – everyone who does not accept the injustice of the present, and who is not indifferent to the future.

In our ranks, shoulder to shoulder, we feel the pace of friends and comrades-in-arms who are preparing for new battles for the interests of the working people. These battles have now turned, in fact, into popular resistance to the hybrid war unleashed by Russia’s enemies.

Please note that this year the holidays seem to have united into a single whole – I mean May Day and birthday Lenin. Lenin opened the era of socialism, proposed a plan for building socialism in a single country, using the example of the unique policy of the NEP and GOELRO, he showed how the future could be broken through.

I also note that May Day has always symbolized solidarity – the main weapon in the struggle of the working people. It was solidarity that rallied our peoples and ensured great victories: May 1945 is inconceivable without the solidarity actions of workers and peasants, engineers and doctors.

“SP”: – What does May Day mean in the current situation?

“Today, the situation is developing in many respects dramatically. In my opinion, only unity and solidarity can ensure our new victories. This year we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the formation of the USSR. And, turning to its history, we see what allowed our Motherland to become truly great.

Not two months after the establishment of Soviet power, the bourgeoisie of England and France decided to divide our state. The British said they were attracted by Baku’s oil and the lands of the Caucasus. The French claimed the Crimea and the Black Sea region. The Yankees, who joined the intervention against Russia, intended to seize Siberia, and the Japanese, without thinking twice, already on January 1, 1918, landed an expeditionary military corps in the Far East. But in order to divide Russia into pieces, it was necessary to defeat the Soviet power – and our enemies were sure that they would achieve this victory.

Solidarity in that situation became Lenin’s main weapon. He created the Red Army, called on the tsarist officers to defend the Motherland, and the working people to unite against the bourgeoisie and landlords. The result was an outstanding victory – on the military, economic and political fronts.

And the victory in May 1945 made it possible to win the same solidarity and cohesion. Even those who were wounded in the Civil War rallied around the Bolshevik Party and personally Stalinwinning victories on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War.

Finally, solidarity and cohesion allowed us to appease American appetites and prevent nuclear war. With the help of Soviet scientists, engineers and workers, we ensured nuclear-missile parity with the United States and forced the Yankees to sign treaties on the reduction of strategic offensive weapons.

On the contrary, the lack of cohesion and solidarity destroyed the country. Treacherous politics Yeltsin I Gorbachev allowed the Americans to tear apart our power.

I believe that new victories can only be ensured by the broad rallying of the left-patriotic, people’s forces. We see how Nazism and fascism are engulfing Europe, and what they are doing with fraternal Ukraine. And May Day just makes it possible to unite the left-patriotic forces. The strategic basis of such an association is stated in the political and socio-economic documents prepared by the Communist Party of Russia, addressed to citizens and sent to the country’s leadership – such as “20 urgent measures for the transformation of Russia” and “Victory Program”, which is now being studied in all party organizations by our allies and friends.

We held three powerful seminars – in Altai, Khabarovsk and Yekaterinburg. They have demonstrated that our youth, party organizations, allies and friends – be it the women’s movement “Hope of Russia”, the Russian Union of Officers, creative organizations, Komsomol members – are ready to implement our programs.

We believe the moment of truth is coming. And it is extremely important for us, in preparation for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the USSR, to raise high the red banner – the banner of Lenin, the banner of Victory – above the slogan “Peace. Work. May”.

“SP”: – How does this compare with the special operation in Ukraine?

— I am sure that we will achieve new victories in the near future. But we must remember: it is extremely important for us to defeat Nazism, Bandera, Anglo-Saxon challenges. There is a struggle for a multipolar world going on in Ukraine, and we can win it only by uniting on a global scale the progressive forces that stand for social justice, the friendship of peoples and the solidarity of the working people.

We thank the Chinese Communist Party, which stands in solidarity with us. We thank our friends in India and Vietnam, in Cuba and Venezuela – they show clear and precise support. And I believe that the future of a multipolar world is possible only under the red banner of October—the red banner of solidarity.

We, defending the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, first of all, are defending Europe from Nazism. In Ukraine, we are also fighting for the Russian world, because today it faces the most formidable challenges in recent decades, since the treacherous collapse of the USSR. I am sure that without the revival of the Russian world it is impossible to solve the main tasks that our country faces.

Another goal of ours is to unite and defeat the “fifth column” inside Russia. She’s thinned out quite a bit today. At the same time, five deputy prime ministers, former advisers to the president, and some governors were included in it. We need to clear this column and move forward with confidence. I have no doubt that May Day will help this and serve to affirm the main values ​​​​on Earth – justice, peace, humanism and friendship of peoples.

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