Sep 15, 2022
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Gennady Zyuganov: For us, the situation in the Kharkiv direction is a good lesson and a good school

In the photo: Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov at the first plenary session of the State Duma of the Russian Federation in the autumn session.

In the photo: Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov at the first plenary session of the State Duma of the Russian Federation in the autumn session. (Photo: Sergey Fadeichev/TASS)

September 13, during the first autumn session of the State Duma, the chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov declared: in Russia the maximum mobilization of forces and resources is necessary. The military-political operation in Ukraine has grown into a full-fledged war, which the United States and NATO declared to the Russian Federation, the leader of the Russian Communists noted. “The issue of victory in the Donbass is the issue of our historical survival. Everyone should realistically assess what is happening,” he stressed.

Gennady Andreevich spoke about what this means in practice, and what conclusions should be drawn by the political leadership of the country, in a detailed interview with Free Press.

“We live in an emergency, at the peak of a hybrid war. It has taken on an absolutely menacing character. Gennady Zyuganov. – In my opinion, over the past two months, the special operation in Ukraine has grown into a full-scale war, which was unleashed against us by the Americans, NATO members and the whole of united Europe.

You have to understand: a special operation is different from a war. During the special operation, you can adjust the intended goals. In addition, it can be stopped at any time you see fit. You cannot stop the war, even if you want to.

Why do I think so? At one time, I had to work with the “Special Folder” – a document that provides for three regimes of the state in the field of security. These are the regimes of state of emergency, military danger and war itself. The “Special Folder” can be said to be written in blood. The Russians, let me remind you, out of a thousand years of their history, almost 700 spent with weapons in their hands, defending the right to live in these open spaces and speak their native language.

I note that globalists have long called Russia enemy No. 1 – along with the Communist Party of China, which turned the PRC into a superpower. The Yankees are well aware that the domination of the Anglo-Saxons on the planet is ending. And in order to prolong it, it is necessary first of all to defeat Russia.

Therefore, the United States has declared a hybrid war on all fronts. Its hot phase is now in Ukraine — it has been turned into a military base, into a foothold. Almost the entire population was impregnated with Nazi, Bandera ideology there. Open the Ukrainian textbook for the 2nd grade – it already instills hatred for everything Russian. Let me remind you that this began immediately after the 2014 coup d’état – with the ban on Russians in Ukraine speaking their native language. At the same time, no one was worried that 82% of Ukrainians confirmed during the survey that Russian is their mother tongue.

History teaches that such bans are a direct path to war. A normal person cannot agree to the ban on speaking his native language, because he loses everything – both his history and his future.

“SP”: – How can you characterize the situation around Ukraine?

“Now the situation has become dramatic. It amazes me that a united Europe fell completely under the Americans, sacrificing their well-being, and even industrial power.

I never thought, for example, that Germany would agree to this. The Germans produce excellent cars, excellent electrical engineering. But their competitive advantages were based, first of all, on affordable and cheap energy sources from Russia. Even in the darkest times, at the height of the Cold War, Germany took an active part in laying a gas pipeline from the USSR. The Americans then were categorically against it and forbade us to supply pipes. Then we set up their production ourselves, in Chelyabinsk – and the Germans actively helped us in this.

What now? In a situation where it is enough to open the Nord Stream 2 valve to improve the economy, Europeans begin to close enterprises. According to expert estimates, up to half of metallurgical production has already been stopped in Europe. Then petrochemistry will rise, then small and medium-sized businesses will fly down the slope. We, I think, need to work more actively with the European population – there is a big wave of protest against this madness.

Another dramatic moment is that the Americans are pumping Ukraine with all kinds of weapons. I note that the same Americans destroyed the Ukrainian military-industrial complex. But Ukraine could produce magnificent rockets in Dnepropetrovsk, and cool Antonov aircraft, and excellent warships in Nikolaev. America did not need all this. But now she has gone even further, and indulges the shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. For Ukraine, this is a terrible tragedy.

But Europe remembers Chernobyl very well. We can say that the smell of radioactive smoke is still in her nostrils today. Nevertheless, the Europeans, contrary to logic, following the Americans, indulge in the shelling of nuclear power plants!

SP: Ukraine has requested additional weapons from the United States and its allies, including long-range missile systems. Among them are ballistic missiles of the ATACMS class with a range of 300 km, according to The Wall Street Journal. Will Kyiv get them?

– America and Britain are steadily increasing the power of missiles that they supply to Ukraine. Missiles with a range of 200-300 km can fire at large Russian cities and energy facilities. I repeat, there is a full-scale war between the West and Russia. And Ukraine is an obedient instrument in it.

“SP”: – How would you comment on the tragic events that have unfolded since September 6 on a vast sector of the Russian-Ukrainian front in the Kharkov region, where we, under the blows of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, left Balakleya, Izyum and Kupyansk?

– The Armed Forces of Ukraine have gathered a decent fist in this area. Ukrainian units were trained in Britain and Poland, they were saturated with mercenaries, and NATO specialists led the operation. But we must understand that the breakthrough of the front does not solve global issues by itself. Even if it is accompanied by the capture of settlements – and in Izyum the population is about 50 thousand people, in Balakleya and Kupyansk – about 30 thousand – from a military point of view, a breakthrough makes sense only on one condition: if you have powerful units that you enter this gap, causing great damage to the enemy.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have made a breakthrough, but they do not have powerful units that could strike into the gap that has opened. As a result, they found themselves in a trap, which, I believe, the RF Armed Forces will soon slam shut – they will kill the Ukrainian units that have pulled ahead.

For us, the situation in the Kharkiv direction is a good lesson and a good school. And do not scream that everything is gone. Understand, some of our fighters and officers have been in the trenches for half a year – they are tired. During the Great Patriotic War, after two months of being on the front line, they were sent to the rear – to reform and rest. And this is absolutely the right approach.

“SP”: – What prevents us from winning?

– Having declared the liberation and protection of Donbass the main goal of the military-political operation, it was necessary to ensure, first of all, the fulfillment of this particular task as much as possible. I am sure that if we had concentrated significant funds in time and interrupted the supply of heavy Western weapons, the shelling of Donbass would have been over.

Arms deliveries go through three railway lines, three bridges and two tunnels. Moreover, there are stations where cars are moved from narrow European bogies to bogies for our wide gauge. It would be worth striking at these stations – with virtually no loss of life.

This is more than a realistic task, given the complete dominance of our missiles in the airspace of Ukraine. If the supply lines are cut, the APU will have enough shells for a maximum of a week.

Another task is to restore the system of military commissariats and the system of military-patriotic education of the rising youth.

I will also note that one of the functions of the Russian parliament is control. I suggested at the plenary session: let’s consider, including at a closed meeting of the State Duma Committee on Security, how our guys participating in the military operation are supplied. Do they have enough food, protective equipment, everything they need? Alas, United Russia did not support this initiative.

“SP”: – What are the priorities of Russia in the economic sphere?

Insert announced these tasks during the VII Eastern Economic Forum. This is the development of the Trans-Siberian and BAM. It is not enough to turn the “pipeline” from west to east – you need to have good communications, ensure the delivery of goods, and develop your own high technologies.

The scale is huge – we need to transfer 40 million tons of energy to the markets of the East. For this, among other things, we need the Northern Sea Route, ships of a new class, satellite tracking and security systems. All this will give a second wind to the development of our subpolar zone.

Another important task is the development of Russia’s largest cities, plus the development of aviation. All this requires huge investments in machine tool building, electronics, robotics, and artificial intelligence. And all this is a new quality of the country’s development!

“SP”: – What is needed to solve these problems?

– Fundamental changes in domestic policy are needed. Victory is forged in the rear, and without a change of course it is impossible to fulfill the president’s instructions. Our oligarchs are still getting fat, while half of the population makes ends meet on 20,000 rubles a month. I was shocked by the forecast of the Central Bank: in 2022, according to the regulator, the outflow of capital from Russia will amount to a record $243 billion. This is gigantic money! But the finance minister Siluanov again proposes to put a significant part of the state’s income into a money-box! This is an absolutely harmful policy for the country!

The President called for solidarity, but there is no full-fledged dialogue between the government and society. Elections in a number of regions are held in the mode of a special operation aimed at achieving a pre-planned result. Krasnodar was turned into an electoral sultanate: some observers were literally dragged out of the polling stations by their feet!

Russia now needs mobilization. This is not about human resources – they are quite enough to conduct a special operation. It is required to stop the outflow of capital and concentrate resources within the country. And “United Russia” instead breaks the electoral system!

The country must fight for its existence, for its future! And “United Russia” is crawling along the old liberal rails! In the context of the hybrid war that the West is waging against us, this is absolutely unacceptable! It just undermines the situation from the inside!

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