Apr 28, 2021
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Gennady Zyuganov: A friendly team has been created in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, ready to lead the country out of the crisis

Photo: Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov

In the photo: the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov (Photo: Vladimir Gerdo / TASS)

Last Saturday, the Communist Party held the first stage of the 18th Congress, at which the party leadership was renewed. The congress renewed the Central Committee, and the plenum of the Central Committee at a closed meeting unanimously, by secret ballot, re-elected Gennady Zyuganov chairman.

At the suggestion of the party leader, a new first deputy chairman of the Central Committee was elected – he was 44-year-old Yuri Afonin… Now there are two first deputy chairmen – he kept the same post Ivan Melnikov

The posts of ordinary deputy chairmen of the Central Committee were retained Vladimir Kashin and Dmitry Novikov… To them was added the third deputy chairman – the head of the Duma committee for CIS affairs Leonid Kalashnikov… In his new post, he will oversee the movement “For a strong, just, socialist Motherland – for the USSR!”

In total, more than 200 delegates arrived at the congress, and about 5 thousand more people took part in its work online.

At the second stage of the XVIII Congress (its date will be determined later), issues related to the participation of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the autumn elections to the State Duma will be resolved.

– The Congress of the Communist Party took place at a crucial, very important time, – says Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov… – A systemic crisis is raging on the planet, and Russia is in an extremely difficult situation. For the seventh year in a row, our citizens have been impoverished, the country is imposed with unprecedented sanctions. In fact, the West has declared a hybrid war on us, which more and more smacks of a “hot” war.

In this regard, a special responsibility lies with the left-wing patriotic movement and the Communist Party, which is the core and organizer of this movement.

In advance, even before the congress, we announced a number of program guidelines and key political appeals. At the II Oryol International Economic Forum, a program was adopted that consolidated the left-wing patriotic movement. In addition, at a special plenum, they called upon to form a powerful left-patriotic front, which would implement this program, and which would come out as a single team for a big election campaign.

We announced a broad movement “For a strong, just, socialist Motherland – for the USSR!” – it received a powerful response throughout the post-Soviet space and is now gaining momentum.

We believe that the movement “For the USSR!”, “Left Front”, “Committee against Political Repressions” together create a serious basis for success in the upcoming elections, and for the left turn of the entire financial and economic policy in Russia.

However, United Russia sensed a danger in this and launched a large-scale information and psychological campaign against the Communist Party of the Russian Federation – worse than in the 1990s. Whole groups were created, real operations were carried out to split, pull apart, knock their heads together, and slander the left-wing patriotic movement. And above all – to undermine the authority of the Communist Party.

“SP”: – Did they succeed?

– All this fuss failed miserably when we left as a friendly team after the congress, and Melnikov announced: the chairman of the party, and his two first deputies, and three more deputies, and the secretaries of the Central Committee – all were elected unanimously.

I saw what a shock this caused those who, since Saturday morning on Channel One, Echo of Moscow, Dozhd, had been waiting for Zyuganov to be dismissed, or a split would arise at the congress. Our statement was quite sobering. But to make this possible, I confess, a deeply thought-out work was carried out, a strategy and tactics were worked out.

“SP”: – Can you talk about this in more detail?

– First of all, we released a special issue of Pravda, where we showed the work of the party, faction and personally all the leaders who headed the key directions. These leaders have a lot to be proud of.

Melnikov successfully worked in the State Duma as the first deputy chairman of the Central Committee – he contributed as much as possible to the adoption of laws in favor of citizens, coordinated the work of all our divisions. In addition, Ivan Ivanovich for the first time in history headed the Russian-Chinese friendship society, and China is our strategic partner. Without close cooperation with China, India, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, North Korea, it is impossible to resist the suffocating globalist policy and NATO challenges.

In general, the international direction received solid support – we were congratulated by almost all the parties of the center-left of the world. By the way, almost all left-wing patriotic forces took part in the work of the XVIII Congress – about 5 thousand people online: all 25 regions of Ukraine, 8 regions of Belarus, Transcaucasia, Kazakhstan. It was a demonstration of the solidarity of the forces that are fighting for socialism and preaching the ideals of fraternal friendship between peoples.

Our other leader, Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee Kashin, presented a solid program for the revival of the agro-industrial complex based on the unique experience of people’s enterprises. He prepared a whole package of laws related to sustainable rural development and the development of the New Virgin Land.

Afonin has worked with almost all regions of the Russian Federation – out of 85 he visited 80, knows the operational situation in terms of personnel, maximized our information capabilities: the Red Line channel, two hundred sites, about a hundred newspapers.

To create an absolutely working atmosphere, we held eight major hearings in the State Duma – on the development budget, demography, and the Education for All program. Hearings dedicated to the 800th anniversary of the birth were splendidly held Alexander Nevsky – a genius person who laid the foundations of a strong and centralized Russian state.

I specially published the book “Russian World on Two Axes”, and sent it to the members of the Central Committee, all first secretaries, delegates to the congress. No matter how the authorities lied, no matter how they tried to fool the brains of society, every party leader, every delegate had materials about the true state of affairs.

Moreover, for the first time we published the Political Report 10 days before the start of the congress. It came out in large circulation and was sent to 270 addresses – including the president, members of the Security Council, ministers, governors, heads of cities and regions, legislators, judges, heads of news agencies.

The Political Report to the Congress unfolded the whole picture of events in the world. He showed the development trends of the country over the past 100 years, showed what is the genius of Leninist-Stalinist modernization, our great Victory, a space breakthrough. At the same time, the report revealed the unique experience of Chinese reforms, the experience of developing our culture and patriotic movement.

The report also summarizes the experience of the younger generation – at the congress we introduced 150 young, talented guys who have proven themselves worthy to the governing bodies.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation is a party of friends, like-minded people, which strictly fulfills its promises to the electorate. We analyzed our legislative initiatives – what we managed to do, where difficulties arose. The political report summed up the results of the 30-year revival of the Communist Party, highlighted its seven main successes and victories. So, we twice saved the country from civil slaughter, saved it after the default, creating a left-centrist government PrimakovMaslyukovaGerashchenko… We did everything to offer a real and constructive program, showed an example of how people’s enterprises work – they turned out to be the best at the end of 2020. The Lenin State Farm, the Zvenigovsky agricultural complex, the complex in Usolye-Sibirskoye are zones of social optimism, where women and the elderly are taken care of, and workers receive high wages.

A week before the congress, we held an online all-Russian party meeting, which was attended by all primary organizations, district committees, city committees. A dozen and a half members of the Central Committee and delegates spoke at it – and it became finally clear that the working mood had taken shape. The intrigues of the party in power have failed.

“SP”: – What are the main results of the congress?

– Before the congress, as always, the main headquarters gathered – the first secretaries, the heads of all services and divisions – and discussed all the candidates for which they were to vote. As a result, at the congress itself, with a double secret ballot, first the Central Committee was elected, and then the Presidium of the Central Committee.

A friendly, well-coordinated work was demonstrated at the congress. Our first leaders performed excellently: Elbow – Mayor of Novosibirsk, the largest municipality in the country. Great experience presented Klychkov – the governor of my native Oryol region.

The speakers emphasized that there are real locomotives for the country’s withdrawal from the crisis. These are people’s enterprises, a construction site, a village. Moreover, Klychkov initiated the “Image of the Future” program, developed jointly with Oryol State University. I believe this program will receive support from citizens.

In general, a unique work has been carried out that will allow the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to implement the program “For a strong, fair, socialist homeland – for the USSR!” Soon the full composition of the new Central Committee will be published, the governing bodies – 364 of the most talented leaders have been elected – and each will be assigned specific tasks.

Now we have two first deputy chairmen of the Central Committee – Melnikov and Afonin. Afonin – young, capable, literate – will coordinate the work of organizational services. Novikov will head outreach services. The new deputy chairman, Kalashnikov, has been instructed to strengthen our influence in the post-Soviet expanses. He was in all the republics of the former USSR, they know him, they reckon with him. If it is good and calm in the CIS, no Biden and we are not afraid of NATO.

But the number one task is to change the socio-economic course. Vladimir Kashin – academician, scientist – will actively supervise this direction.

In addition, we have brought up a number of young talented leaders. Georgy Kamnev elected Secretary of the Central Committee and a member of the Presidium – he is 37 years old, he is the first secretary of the Penza regional committee and one of our experienced workers. First Secretary of the St. Petersburg Regional Committee Roman Kononenko elected a member of the Central Committee. First Secretary of the Sverdlovsk Regional Committee Alexander Ivashov elected a member of the Presidium of the Central Committee. The Presidium of the Central Committee entered Maria Drobot – she will be engaged in childhood, the Komsomol, the pioneers, the women’s movement.

In fact, this is a galaxy of advanced and talented party workers, which is balanced by experienced workers. Those who have behind them many years of persistent struggle to bring our ideals and our demands to life. To those who set an example of mentoring and unswerving service to our cause. These are communist deputies Kharitonov, Kolomeytsev, Arefiev, Taisaev, and the head of the Moscow regional branch of the Communist Party Vasiliev… As a result, a friendly team has been created in the party, ready to lead the country out of the crisis.

Russia needs a left turn like air – without justice and socialism, without the victory of their supporters in the elections, we cannot get out of the crisis. The Communist Party will do everything for the people to live with dignity!

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