Oct 14, 2021
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General’s Poklonskaya’s set: Prosecutor, deputy, and now diplomat

Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Natalia Poklonskaya (pictured), who served as deputy chairman of the international affairs committee in the seventh convocation of the State Duma, as Russian ambassador to the Republic of Cape Verde.

Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Natalia Poklonskaya (pictured), who served as deputy chairman of the international affairs committee in the seventh convocation of the State Duma, as Russian ambassador to the Republic of Cape Verde. (Photo: Kremlin Pool / Global Look Press)

Perhaps this is the most talked about, but quite predictable news – the president Vladimir Putin appointed Natalia Poklonskaya Ambassador to Cape Verde. There are two nuances here – where did you send it in general, and what does such a personnel decision mean in relation to a person who is rather inconvenient for the authorities?

To begin with, the state of Cape Verde, known in Soviet times as the Cape Verde Islands, is located in the Atlantic Ocean 600 kilometers off the coast of West Africa. According to the latest census (2020), a little more than half a million people live there. The capital, it is also the largest city, Praia, which is located on the island of Santiago. A rare Russian tourist got to these islands, which are not distinguished by magnificent nature and gorgeous beaches. And the main foreign investors are Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and France. It is said to be a paradise for windsurfers, diving and sport fishing enthusiasts. Russia (USSR) has established diplomatic relations with the Islands since 1975, which continue to this day.

By the way, when the journalists asked Poklonskaya, where is Cape Verde, she laughed: “Well, who doesn’t know now where Cape Verde is?”, But she avoided giving an exact answer. At the same time, she immediately invited Russian tourists to visit these islands in the ocean.

Well, who is Natalya Vladimirovna Poklonskaya herself, they know well in Russia. We will not recall her entire biography, we will go through the reference points. In 2014, unlike men, she decided to accept the post of prosecutor of the Crimea reunited with Russia, where she became famous for initiating many high-profile criminal cases, for which she was attributed to high treason in Ukraine. Already as a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, she actively participated in corruption investigations, although she did not achieve much success in this field. She became famous for her protest against the movie “Matilda”, which, in her opinion, defamed the Russian Emperor Nicholas II. Opposed the pension reform of the government – the only one together with the deputy Sergey Zheleznyakwho did not agree with the “party line” of “United Russia”. And she could also lead a new political party “Power of Russia”, which was called the “gravedigger” of EdRo.

In general, the “nyasha” turned out to be quite problematic for the authorities – she did not cover herself with a deputy blanket, and the girl (she turned 41 on March 18) has plenty of ambitions, including political ones. We can say that a ready-made leader for the opposition – Poklonskaya refused to participate in the elections to the Duma of the eighth convocation back in the spring. Where her “attack vector” would lean – is unknown. The Kremlin decided to play it safe – they offered an honorary link to a little-known and insignificant state. This practice has existed since Soviet times, when those who were either disagreeable or had already “exhausted their resources” were thrown into diplomatic work. In general, out of sight, out of mind.

Poklonskaya herself says she is glad of the new position. “For me this appointment is long-awaited, it is a great honor and responsibility before the country. While there are plans to get to the host country, take a look around, get to know each other, – says Poklonskaya. – My initiative is that I want to work on the diplomatic line. For this, I studied at the Diplomatic Academy, wrote a master’s thesis,

completed an internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I like this job. I promise to fulfill my duty with dignity and represent my country in the beautiful state of Cape Verde. ”She does not consider her as a link as an extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of Russia.

To comment on the new position of the Poklonskaya “SP” asked our expert, a political scientist from St. Petersburg Alexander Zimovsky, who, wait a minute, was a senator of the Belarusian Council of the Republic of the third convocation and is an expert in regulations.

“From the point of view of any ordinary Russian philistine, person and citizen, the story of Natalya Vladimirovna Poklonskaya is a success story from beginning to end,” says Alexander Zimovsky. – In the State Museum of the History of Russian Elevator Engineering, the wax figure of Mrs. Poklonskaya deserves a place of honor in the hall “Social elevators of the era of mature Putinism.”

General’s wife at 35 years old (state counselor of justice of the 3rd class, with a “general” star in pursuit, corresponding to the military rank of Major General – “SP”) and the extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of a world power by the age of forty – this is really a career, this is not for you the ram sneezed. Yes, let the whiners and those of little faith malice viciously about the Cape Verde Islands.

But, firstly, the ambassador – he is the ambassador to Africa, as Russian folk wisdom says. Secondly, Cape Verde for Poklonskaya is, consider, Crimea, only better in terms of sea beauty and a blessed climate, and with a diplomatic passport behind a bodice. Thirdly, under the blue berceuse of the ocean, on the yellow-lemon sand, Natalia Vladimirovna will have time for reflection and work on mistakes. Fortunately, this time will be fully paid by the state, and will pay quite well.

Moreover, the intensity of interstate exchanges of visits between Praia and Moscow is at an inconspicuous level. So it is unlikely that Ms. Poklonskaya (unlike her more experienced and older colleagues, ambassadors in larger countries) will have to run with bulging eyes across the airfield with strangers’ bag in her teeth, meeting and seeing off all sorts of high-ranking guests from the Motherland.

But you, apparently, are waiting about the mistakes of N.V. Poklonskaya. There were two of them.

The first – Poklonskaya, having got into the Duma, counted on a certain prosecutor’s solidarity. And she competently first entered the State Duma Commission on control over the reliability of information about income, property and property obligations submitted by the State Duma deputies, and then headed this commission (State Duma resolution of October 5, 2016 No. 12-7 GD). For an aspiring provincial deputy, Poklonskaya showed a remarkable hardware savvy, I am telling you this as an expert in all and all kinds of regulations / parliaments.

Her mistake was that the prosecutor’s office of the Russian Federation was not going to share with Poklonskaya-deputy the accumulated and accumulating dossiers as with their own, with the prosecutor’s office. Therefore, Poklonskaya did not receive real access to serious compromising material, and, therefore, could not turn her commission into an instrument of influence. And what she managed to dig up on her own, she still had to be able to competently implement not only in personal, but also in party and clan interests. Poklonskaya did not have enough experience; no, she lacked the scale.

The second mistake is that Natalia Poklonskaya has convictions that seem to be monarchist. I have no reason to doubt their sincerity, since only

a sincere person is capable of doing as many stupid things as Poklonskaya did in her fight against the feature film Matilda.

Poklonskaya was sure that she was sincerely fighting for the honor of Emperor Nicholas II against people who, no less sincerely, undertook to “defile” the memory of the innocently murdered autocrat-passion-bearer. And they were not going to do anything like that, but just sawed the film budget. Do you remember the feature film Matilda? And nobody remembers. Meanwhile, the budget of 25 million dollars, from which barely half was recaptured, and “Matilda” became the most unprofitable film supported by the Cinema Foundation.

This is how the idealistic-monarchic traditions of Poklonskaya ran into the naked pragmatism of the modern followers of the traditions of the Chernomorsk film factory during the writing of the “Neck” script by O. Bender. And Poklonskaya, who already had the tag “krymnashenka” and “confused”, alas, completely spat with the creative environment of Moscow. She did not have to dream of media support anymore, and Natalya Vladimirovna did not want to shine naked on social networks. Moreover, she voted against raising the retirement age, that is, she did not behave conventionally. And she didn’t calculate her strength, right?

In general, here we are dealing with an industrial accident. However, I do not exclude that this small parliamentary-diplomatic play will have an ending like the comedy of A.N. Ostrovsky “Enough simplicity for every wise man.” Read the comedy yourself, but I’ll just say that I still remember how one ahkak woman was also sent as an ambassador to the small island of Malta, exactly 30 years ago. And now Valentina Ivanovna Matvienko Chairperson of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

So there is no need to hurry with Natalia Poklonskaya. The deck is known to be shuffled in a bizarre way.

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