Apr 24, 2022
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General Wolf from the USA was thrown to the aid of the Bandera underground of the Kherson region

Pictured: Retired US Army Lieutenant General Terry Wolf

In the photo: retired US Army Lieutenant General Terry Wolf (Photo:

A new round of provocations in the Kherson region. To intimidate the local population, the Nazi underground uses humanitarian aid, which is distributed right on the streets by the military and volunteers from the Crimea.

Sometimes it is impossible to determine from whom exactly the help came. For a number of reasons, volunteer groups try not to advertise themselves. An amazing detail is that products labeled “Grozen in Ukraine” began to appear in packages. So far, only Russian goods have been shipped here.

Here is an article published almost simultaneously by the nationalist Internet portal “In Kherson” and the Kyiv agency RBC-Ukraine. By the way, the portal works without any problems. The essence of the message is “it is dangerous to take humanitarian aid from the occupiers.” A certain townsman speaks, whose name is not called.

“My retired mother brought the package home with help, even though I asked not to do this. But she still took the products … Mom saw that the twist in the milk was not airtight, she thought that someone had already drunk it, which could be spoiled. Carefully unscrewed and saw something like a thread, showed me … “

Allegedly, only by a lucky chance, no one pulled the lid and the family was not hurt. It goes on to say that a carton of milk contained an improvised explosive device that could go off when the bag was opened. Attached to the publication is a photo of “cleared milk”: a fishing line attached to a screw cap and a fuse covered with plastid.

One can only guess how soon the hidden banderlogs will move from provocative online fakes to real explosives in street grubs. It is easy to build a bomb from any tin can. Talk about poisoned sunflower oil and dairy products has already begun in the city.

Recall the statement made the day before by the head of the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mizintsev. The colonel-general claims that the Center for Information and Psychological Operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted a staged filming of “acts of looting” in the Nikolaev village of Voskresenskoye. From here to Kherson is less than 50 km. Having changed into Russian uniforms, the militants of the 123rd Territorial Defense Brigade broke into the village in cars with the letter Z and robbed private houses.

No casualties have been reported, but the day before, on the right bank of Kherson itself, a blogger was shot dead by unknown people. Valery Kuleshov. He was executed cruelly, automatic bursts literally cut off his skull, torso, arms. 38-year-old Kuleshov was considered quite popular in his region. Supported the Maidan, fought during the so-called. ATO, and now he was trying to more or less honestly talk about the Kherson events. Enough for the status of “collaborator” and Bandera revenge.

There is no doubt that a program of large-scale terror is being prepared for the liberated territories, when the victims, first of all, will be peaceful Ukrainians. The Galician Nazis call it an attentate. Young Stepan Bandera began his political career by organizing a series of Lviv murders. Having received his first position as a regional conductor of the OUN *, he especially insisted on attentates against representatives of the Polish state administration and everyone who was considered “spiders”. In 1934 he was arrested and sentenced to death, which the official Warsaw replaced with life imprisonment. Very soon, hundreds of thousands of Poles will wash themselves with blood for such mercy of their own power.

The current liquidation of the “pro-Russian blogger” is being actively discussed by the Kyiv media. Like, the legal assessment of the murder was given by the chief adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Denisenko. Now he is the “talking head” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the main Ukrainian TV channels.

We will judge on our territory. In the temporarily occupied regions, the verdict will be carried out by partisan activists,” Pan Denisenko threatens. – We already have a special secret service for such actions. Her leadership is highly classified. The best IT-specialists have been gathered to identify traitors. We work in social networks and telephone messengers, we will hear every word. Only in one Melitopol region until mid-April received their eighty collaborators. However, today the mayor of Ukrainian Melitopol told me about the elimination of the first hundred accomplices of the Putin regime.

It’s about a 33-year-old nationalist fanatic Ivan Fedorov. There is evidence that it was this character who headed the terrorist network in the Zaporozhye region. When Russian troops liberated Melitopol, the mayor personally organized protest rallies. The local “right-wingers” *, whom he actively financed, went ahead.

On March 11, Fedorov was detained, but was soon released. Immediately crosses the front line and ends up in the residence Zelenskywhere he receives a well-deserved award from the presidential hands. Then a visit to the Brussels headquarters of the European Union, a colorful story about “seven hours with a bag on your head” and other tortures of “Putin’s captivity.” And of course, endless requests for weapons.

Returning to Kyiv, the “liberated mayor” began to oversee the Bandera attentat on Mariupol land. How many people are really killed? There is no exact data yet, but many farmers receive threats. They are trying to establish cooperation with the Crimea – among other things, they supply vegetables to the peninsula. Otherwise, you will not survive in this situation. In response, such farmers are promised to be “cut out together with their families,” and their houses and agricultural machinery are to be burned.

The big question is why they released Ivan Fedorov? Maybe it’s too much red tape for our special services to deal with every suspect? For example, on April 22, the federal media reported on the arrest of five saboteurs who were preparing an attack on a humanitarian convoy. Eight kg of explosives in the bumper of a red ZAZ-Tavria, a bunch of automatic weapons, MANPADS, grenade launchers and mines in a cache. Although few people paid attention to geographical details.

The explosion of the gumconvoy was planned in the Kherson region. They took the ghouls there. However, in order to carry out the arrest procedure, the entire group had to be taken to the Simferopol court. “A measure of restraint for a period of two months was chosen by him in Crimea,” confirms the republican department of the FSB.

In the same way, you have to mess with any other DRG. The current legislation of the Russian Federation does not correspond in any way to the harsh and fleeting realities of a special military operation. What can we say about the analysis with individuals, even if there are reasonable suspicions. It is much easier to “understand, forgive and let go.”

Meanwhile, at least two SAS special forces groups arrived in Western Ukraine. These soldiers from the British Special Air Service specialize in guerrilla warfare, coup d’état and assassinations of high-ranking officials. Now units of specialists-saboteurs are stationed near Lviv. “With a high degree of probability, the SAS detachment will increase the qualifications and effectiveness of the relevant Ukrainian structures in preparing large-scale terrorist attacks,” informed sources explain.

The name of the main Ukrainian “partisan” appointed by the Pentagon has become known. Retired US Army Lieutenant General became coordinator of military assistance to the Kyiv regime Terry Wolf. Moreover, the White House does not hide the fact that one of the main tasks of “General Volk” is to train Ukrainian personnel for sabotage and guerrilla warfare in the territories that have come under the control of the Russian side, de facto organizing an all-out proxy war with the Kremlin.

* On November 17, 2014, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation recognized the extremist activities of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, the Right Sector, the UNA-UNSO and the Tryzub im. Stepan Bandera”, organization “Brotherhood”. Their activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited.

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