Nov 25, 2021
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General Staff of Belarus: NATO field camps deployed around the country

Alliance reconnaissance and combat aircraft fly along the border

Head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus, First Deputy Minister of Defense, Major General Victor Gulevich declared the next year in Belarus the year of combat training. He explained this by the fact that the country is forced to respond to the intensification of military activity along the entire outer contour of the state border.

“Since 2020, we have been recording a constant increase in the intensity of flights of reconnaissance and combat aviation of NATO member countries along the state border. So, if a month ago the total number of reconnaissance aircraft sorties per day was 2 – 3, now this figure has almost doubled. Unmanned aircraft are intensively used for reconnaissance flights “,

– said Viktor Gulevich.

According to him, the United States Air Force is increasingly mastering the Eastern European theater of military operations, flying over the state border of Belarus. Recently, neighboring Ukraine has shown its hostility at every opportunity. All this forces us to conclude: a “belt of unfriendly states” is being carefully formed around the country, which includes, in addition to Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Thus, the Western media are increasingly publishing the opinions of all kinds of “military experts” who, with their provocative statements, prepare the population not only of their country, but also of neighboring countries to the idea that a war with Belarus is inevitable.

Gulevich gave an example: another Polish “military expert” was thinking about how many days the Polish armed forces would be able to capture Minsk, and came to the conclusion – in three days. The response to such provocative statements can only be a further increase in the defense capability of Belarus, the Major General noted.

“If last week our intelligence agencies opened 12 field camps for the deployment of military personnel and equipment, then today we have information about the deployment of 14 such camps. Their capacity can accommodate several tens of thousands of military personnel. It is also alarming that, in addition to creating groupings of troops on Polish territory, our Baltic neighbors, Lithuania and Latvia, are also building up their contingents. And if we also take into account the aggressive behavior of Ukraine towards Belarus, then, in fact, a “belt of unfriendly states” is being formed around our country according to the principle of the well-known American concept of “anaconda rings”

– the head of the General Staff is quoted by the Belarusian telegraph agency BelTA

To all of the above, it is necessary to add one more unfriendly step on the part of the West towards Minsk: the alliance, on its own initiative, suspended NATO’s cooperation with Belarus, Gulevich noted.

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