Sep 25, 2021
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Gazprom, Rosneft, Kiev: Merkel can offer options for work

Photo: German Chancellor Angela Merkel

In the photo: German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Photo: AP Photo / Franc Zhurda / TASS)

Outgoing Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel will not disappear from the political horizon, and, possibly, in the future, Kiev will ask her to talk to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin… This opinion was expressed by the ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin

“The ‘Merkel era’ is coming to an end … Merkel will definitely not disappear from the political horizon. It is very likely that we will still ask her to speak with Putin, if necessary, ”he wrote on his Facebook page.

In addition, the ex-minister spoke about one of the episodes that took place during the Normandy summit in Berlin in 2015.

“At the end of long negotiations, Merkel asked for a beer and a bottle of Radeberger, a beer made near Dresden, where he served in the KGB station during the Soviet era, was placed in front of Putin. Putin didn’t like trolling, he didn’t drink beer, but he stopped smiling right away. I don’t know how many leaders of countries there are in the world who can “troll” Putin, but Merkel can. Therefore, it is not for nothing that she is the “favorite” leader of the country for Ukrainians – she is liked more than 70% of Ukrainians according to the latest polls, ”- Klimkin.

What is he talking about? Actually, Merkel has repeatedly spoken about leaving politics after the elections, which will be held on Sunday. How likely is it that Merkel really will not leave politics completely, and will she help the Ukrainian authorities? Are these just “wet dreams” of an individual former official?

– “Wet dreams” in Kiev have as their source the notorious idea of ​​European integration, which translated into Russian means the dream of a kept woman to find a rich “daddy”, – believes Director of the EAEU Institute Vladimir Lepekhin

– For a long time, the United States was thought to be the main “daddy” – and during this period the Ukrainian “kept woman” threatened Russia, hoping that her Russophobia would be supported by American weapons. In parallel, this kept woman flirted with the European Union, trying to spin the latter for free financial aid, and with NATO, believing that the alliance would fit in for Kiev and send its mercenaries to the east of Ukraine.

Today, when Kiev realized that all three boyfriends, having “shaken” Ukraine, actually abandoned her, the kept woman has no choice but to turn on the beggars against the Kremlin, as her former boyfriend, whom Ukraine banally threw in 2014.

However, Kiev does not want to turn directly to Moscow (shabby “maiden honor” does not allow) – so it is necessary to look for intermediaries. In this sense, Merkel is the last hope of the Kiev regime. There is not a single politician in the West today who would take the Ukrainian cancan seriously. However, Merkel is already more than a lame duck. Hence Klimkin’s “wet dreams” are not even dreams, but just a nostalgic dream of a bankrupt idiot.

“SP”: Merkel, in your opinion, will not completely leave German, European and international politics?

– Merkel can think anything about herself, but politics is such a substance that any president, prime minister or chancellor, having lost his post, immediately turns into nothing more than an influential pensioner. In particular, Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schroeder after the termination of their powers, they did not lose their authority, but almost completely lost their real influence in the field of, for example, foreign policy.

“SP”: – By the way, about Schroeder, who became the chairman of the board of directors of Rosneft. There has been a joke in Russia lately that after Merkel’s resignation will take a seat on the board of directors of Gazprom. Joking aside, is such an option possible with Merkel? After all, she is well known in Russia, trusted …

– Whatever post Merkel took after her resignation, she will become a freer person than she was in the post of German Chancellor. And in this sense, she will not have any reason to go for some kind of rapprochement with the Kiev clowns. As the chancellor within the framework of the general Western Russophobic policy, she was forced to play anti-Russian games, but now she would rather be on the board of directors of some Gazprom.

“SP”: Is Ukraine interested in her? One gets the impression that even in recent years as chancellor, Ukraine has greatly disappointed Merkel …

– Rather, Merkel can come into contact with Zelensky out of pity – but this does not mean that she is going to lobby for Kiev’s interests in front of Moscow. I believe that she will be inclined to lobby for Moscow’s interests in the Ukrainian direction if Putin asks her.

“SP”: One of Merkel’s last trips at the end of August was visits to Moscow and Kiev. Some experts suggested that their goal was to try to mediate in some negotiations between Russia and Ukraine about Nord Stream 2 and the fate of Ukrainian transit. Can this be allowed?

– The German leadership was obliged to reduce the intensity of the screams from Kiev in relation to the “Nord Stream-2”. This is the only reason for Angela Merkel’s visit to Kiev this summer.

“SP”: Do you think Merkel’s successor as chancellor will try to establish such a dialogue? How can the alignments in the triangle: Berlin-Moscow-Kiev change?

– Merkel’s successor as chancellor will have to continue the same game that she was leading. That is, to maintain formal contacts with Kiev, to reduce the degree of schizophrenia among the Kiev leadership, to promise something, to offer oneself as a negotiator with Moscow, but do nothing in essence.

– It is quite possible that Merkel feels her own guilt for Ukraine’s refusal to comply with the Minsk agreements and, accordingly, for the bloodshed in Donbass, – suggests Pavel Feldman, Deputy Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts of the RUDN University

– Even after the resignation, she may feel remorse about this, because it was Germany that acted as the main European guarantors of the implementation of the agreements. She will probably try to forget, like a bad dream, her negative experience of interaction with official Kiev.

“SP”: And if Kiev asks her to act as an intermediary between Moscow and Kiev, will she agree? And does Moscow need such a mediator?

– Moscow long ago explained to the whole world that Ukrainian politicians should conduct a direct dialogue with the leadership of the DPR and LPR. No mediators and peacekeepers will help achieve progress in this direction if Kiev ignores the leaders of the unrecognized republics. While on a political retirement, Merkel can make pacifist speeches in the media, calling on the parties for a peaceful settlement of the conflict, but nothing more.

“SP”: And what position in relation to Kiev and Moscow can its potential successor take? Will Germany’s attitude towards the Ukrainian topic somehow change, whoever wins the elections?

– Ukraine at the moment remains the only serious obstacle to the harmonization of relations between Russia and the leading EU countries. It is skillfully used by the United States and the Brussels bureaucracy as a formal pretext for the prolongation of anti-Russian sanctions.

Germany is vitally interested in establishing close trade and economic ties with the Russian Federation. Pragmatic German business views our country not only as a reliable supplier of hydrocarbons, but also as a promising sales market. The public rhetoric of the new chancellor is likely to remain Russophobic, but in reality the Russian Federation and the FRG will only get closer, since their economic interests are closely intertwined.

“SP”: Recently, some experts often recall the experience of Schroeder, who, after leaving politics, actively lobbied the interests of a number of Russian companies in Germany. Do you think Merkel will follow in his footsteps?

– It is difficult to imagine Ms Merkel on the board of directors of Gazprom or Rosneft. Still, Schroeder headed Germany at a time when relations between the Russian Federation and the West were close or even partnership. During the reign of Merkel, the era of the “new cold war” fell, and she is afraid to spoil her image in the face of the Western community by taking a high-paying post in a Russian corporation. By the way, Western media regularly throw mud at Schroeder, accusing him of working for Moscow.

“SP”: Will she leave politics altogether? Or is it still in some position, perhaps in an international organization, we will see her again?

– Merkel will never again occupy serious and responsible political posts. During these 16 years she was very tired. She needs a break. After some time, we may see her as a UN Goodwill Ambassador or an active fighter against global warming. It is unlikely that Merkel in the near future wants to act as a mediator in international conflicts – for too long she has borne the burden of responsibility for the fate of millions of people.

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