Sep 16, 2020
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Gazprom Neft posted more than 6 hours of Arctic sounds on the Web

Gazprom Neft has launched a website featuring rare sounds of nature and animals living in the Arctic - one of the most fragile ecosystems in nature. More than six and a half hours of relaxing audio with whale "conversations", polar bears growling, Arctic ice cracking and the sound of water during a storm are already available on the official website, on the VKontakte social network and on the SoundCloud platform. With the "White Noise of the Arctic" project, everyone can feel the atmosphere of the northern region.

All entries are divided into several thematic collections. For each of them, not only unique sounds are collected, but also curious facts about the Arctic. When listening to audio on the project site, users can learn what sounds are presented on it.

All entries are divided into several thematic collections. For example, the noise of the Arctic breeze, the splash of salmon in the Pechora Sea, and the screams of flying geese were included in the category "Tighten" The hit of the section, as you might guess from the title, was the rumbling of seals, which is ideal for meditation.

Through the format of unusual audio relaxation, Gazprom Neft tells about a unique project related to environmental monitoring in the Arctic, where the most unusual ecosystem on the planet is located. Separately, it is noted that the protection of the local environment is one of the priorities of Gazprom Neft, which in recent years has been a leader in the study and development of the Arctic region.

Sergey Andreev
Sergey Andreev

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