Feb 17, 2021
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Gazprom is preparing a gasification map showing streets and connection times

General Director of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Sergey Gustov said that the company is preparing to publish a gasification map on its resources, with the help of which every citizen of the country will be able to get acquainted with the schedule for connecting settlements to gas supply.

Gustov told TASS that the map will start working today on the website. It contains background information on 67 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, where Gazprom’s gasification program is being implemented.

Gustov also said that this year the company plans to build more than two thousand gas pipelines, which will allow gasification of more than 300 settlements and create conditions for supplying gas to 65.5 thousand houses.

Earlier, the head of the company, Alexey Miller, said that by 2030 Gazprom will fully complete the technically possible gasification in Russia. He noted that schedule plans for the synchronization of works for 2021 have been signed with the regions.

The company has also set gasification targets up to 2025. By this time, Gazprom’s investments will amount to RUB 526.1 billion. 24.4 thousand km of pipelines will be built and 3,632 settlements will be supplied with gas. By the end of 2025, network gasification will be completed in 35 Russian regions, which will amount to 90.1% of the technically possible network gasification in the country.

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