Jan 12, 2022
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Gazprom is not a national treasure: Uzbeks are more fortunate than Russians

Gazprom is not a national treasure: Uzbeks are more fortunate than Russians

Photo: PA Wire / TASS

The fact that the protests that began on January 2 in the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK) were, among other things, social in nature, was actually recognized by the government Tokaeva… The Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan officially notified the population that “a moratorium is being introduced on increasing tariffs for regulated utilities, namely water supply, sanitation, heat supply, gas supply and electricity supply.”

The Kazakh authorities were forced to admit, albeit indirectly, that the economic order existing under Elbasy was unfair, predatory in essence, which became the cause of popular indignation. Naturally, the extremists took advantage of the protests – how could it be without them. This alone indicates that the country’s security directly depends on the well-being of the people.

Yes, of course, those who called the concessions of Tokayev’s Cabinet “a gnawed bone thrown to people from the master’s table” will also be right. Nevertheless, the Kazakhs have clearly shown that if something happens, “they can repeat” – so much so that the top will not seem a little.

Meanwhile, neighboring Uzbekistan, it seems, not without the influence of bloody January in Kazakhstan, has completely stopped the export of blue fuel. This was done solely in order to pass the “seasonal maximum consumption within the country” without shocks, and also not to raise the price tags for automobile liquefied gas, which is used by 60% of local drivers. This was reported to “Interfax” in the press service of the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan.

And Tashkent has also introduced a mandatory agreement with the antimonopoly authority on tariffs in the field of utilities, energy supply, communications services, passenger and freight traffic and in other similar sectors of great social importance. This innovation was legalized even before the New Year, but experts associated the very emergence of such a norm with the growing internal tension in society. Apparently, at the very top they decided not to anger people.

“Pensioner Nuriddin Khamraev living in Tashkent noted that he still pays gas and electricity bills at 2021 prices: 380 soums ($ 0.035 or RUB 2.59) per cubic meter and 295 soums ($ 0.027 or RUB 1.99) per kW, respectively.

Moreover, on January 7, the price per liter of AI-80, the most popular gasoline in Uzbekistan, fell from 6,980 ($ 0.64 or RUB 47.3) to 6,500 soums ($ 0.60 or RUB 44.4), ” the blog of the Eurasianet Internet resource.

This is surprising because in November the Accounts Chamber of Uzbekistan announced an increase in 2022 of the selling price for the population of electricity, natural gas and related services of housing and communal services – hot and drinking water, as well as sewerage. In the expert opinion of the SPU to the law on the country’s budget, it was said that growth could be 10 percent or more, including because in 2020 the tariffs did not change.

There was no alternative expected to increase prices from January 2022, but now it has become clear that the numbers in the receipts will not change. Moreover, the authorities have promised from 2023 to freeze the price tag for electricity for at least three years as part of the tariff policy until 2030.

Such an attraction of unheard-of generosity in a country not the richest in the post-Soviet space, where for several years there has been a shortage of gas, by the way, sold abroad for full dollars, deserves at least special attention, especially against the background of the constant growth of extortionate tariffs for housing and communal services and car fuel in Russia.

To understand how much it cost Tashkent, we present some data. It is known that China is the main consumer of Uzbek gas. So: the customs officials of the PRC reported that in 2020 3.277 billion cubic meters were exported from Uzbekistan. m of gas, and in 2021 supplies from January to October alone increased to 4.020 billion cubic meters. m for the amount of $ 601.7 million, or 42.9% more than in the same period a year earlier.

It should be especially noted that gas production in the country is falling, and at a decent pace. If in 2020 more than 57 billion cubic meters were produced. m, then in 2021 47 billion.

Taking into account the current high world prices for blue fuel, there is no doubt that Tashkent closed the valve for very serious internal political reasons. Refusal from such a dough is explained by the instinct of self-preservation. Uzbeks say that Shavkat Mirziyoyev does not want the problems that Tokayev faced.

According to official data, the domestic market of Uzbekistan consumes 44 billion cubic meters with a peak just in winter, which has already led to a shortage of LNG at gas stations. And in other seasons, the situation at the gas station is not very favorable. On social media, you can find photos and videos of giant queues. The authorities are forced to react somehow.

In August 2021, Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a special meeting at which he said: “People are very unhappy with us because of the light and especially gas.”

Thus, the conclusion suggests itself: yes, there are serious problems in poor Uzbekistan, but at the very least, the authorities react to them. But how to explain the endless growth in the cost of housing and communal services and automobile fuel in Russia, if, for example, Gazprom, allegedly a “national treasure”, is ready to allocate $ 1 trillion in dividend payments in 2022. rubles. It’s also a shame because the shares of the monopolist have always been understated and bought by foreigners literally for a penny.

But at the same time, gas workers are breaking into the doors of the Russians and, under the threat of a gas cutoff, squeeze money for the alleged maintenance of gas equipment. But houses still explode, as the news reports suggest.

It is obvious that this kind of alleged control is in principle useless and in many respects formal. You can always agree with the inspector if something goes wrong. After all, it is for this reason that even the obligatory diagnostics of cars was canceled, while the inspectors continue to scour the apartments with enviable persistence. They could have served on calls free of charge, then the security, on the contrary, would have increased. The monopolist would not be impoverished!

By the way, criminals may appear under the guise of gas workers. Officials are carrying a blizzard, they say, call and double-check. And where are the guarantees that there is no collusion in the local “gorgaz”, and indeed, you never know what “the girl said” on the other end of the line. Not everyone will let a stranger into the house, even if he sticks some kind of identification through the peephole. This simple remark shows that even over the smallest things there is a shameless milking of the people.

Unlike Uzbekistan, the Russian leadership is shifting the modernization of the housing and communal services complex onto ordinary people through a constant increase in the cost of services, while the country’s gold and foreign exchange reserves at the end of 2021 were estimated at $ 630 billion. world inflation. This money would easily be enough to freeze the cost of services. In the end, we are talking about the well-being of Russians, on which the stability of society directly depends.

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