May 12, 2021
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Gauguin Solntsev spoke about the producer’s harassment

Ex-participant of “House-2” and showman Gauguin Solntsev spoke about the open harassment at work by his producer.

Gauguin Solntsev spoke about the producer's harassment

Gauguin’s popularity screechingly went up when he started an affair with business woman Ekaterina Tereshkovich. Exemplary at the same time he took on a producer – an influential and comfortable woman, who had three children. She promised Solntsev countless concerts and decent fees, but such a “golden” stage did not last long.

Gauguin reported that after performing in one of the Moscow nightclubs, he ran into the dressing room and sat down on the sofa to throw his spirit. Behind him, his producer burst into the room, she closed the door with a key and began to undress, saying that they would now arrange a “heat” together. The showman was in a stupor, but he refused such an offer, after which the harassment from the woman did not stop.

Gauguin noted that there were four more performances in front, and he did not inform him that he would now work more distantly after that. He added that the producer did not calm down and sent him naked photos and videos of an intimate temper.

Irrevocably from the harassment, he managed to get rid of everything after he completely lifted up a relationship with her, but even now she occasionally sends him open pictures.

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